A review of Laurell K. Hamilton’s ‘Narcissus in Chains’ chapter forty seven

There was still a thread of light in the sky, like a slender golden ribbon, glowing against the push of dark, dark clouds when we parked in the back of the Circus of the Damned.

There was a dark, dark town with a dark, dark street with a dark, dark house…

The back parking lot was for employees. It was dark, bare, not the least bit entertaining, unlike the front, which was like a carnival.

Um, how entertaining are parking areas supposed to be? Why would the parking area be decked out like a carnival? Caleb asks why the clown on the sign has fangs and Anita realises that… the vague people with her have never been to the Circus. Her gang do to the Circus together and happily take, like, all of Anita’s orders.

“I saw a poster for zombie raisings. Do you do that?” Merle asked.

I shook my head. “I don’t believe in using God-given gifts for entertainment purposes.”

Of course. God himself directly came down from high to grant Anita her magical talents that run in her family so are probably genetic.

“Sorry, I’m a little touchy about shit like that. I don’t approve of a lot of things some of my fellow animators do for money.”

“You raise the dead for money,” Caleb said.

Anita then goes on a tirade about how moral she is because she won’t just do anything for money. She’ll murder people for free¬

“You’re deeply moral,” Merle said, a tone in his voice like he was surprised.

Anita ripped apart an elderly woman with an army of zombies. How very moral. She then goes on about how she has such a strict moral code –

– and this makes her sound like Micah. Who I am convinced physically abuses women and absorbs them into the pack before moving onto the next woman to abuse and mooch off. MORALITY. Anita takes half a page to talk about Micah’s shirt. Because with a dozen or so chapters left, that’s what the plot needs.

“We’re here to rescue Damian. I don’t know what shape he’s going to be in.”



I’ve been blindsided by this sudden plot smacking me in the face. Why the hell do we care about Damian? There’s a bunch of shapeshifters about to be murdered! But, you know, let’s go confront JC. Why not.

“Yeah, I’m a little nervous about introducing you to Jean-Claude. He was cool about you in the abstract, even knowing that we’ve been together, but seeing you in the flesh…”

He was in your mind when you were being raped. He decided to make you like it. He’s going to be angry you’ve decided to consensually choose to have sex with someone. When has he ever been happy with you CHOOSING to have sex?

“Don’t take this wrong, Micah, but I’ve been disappointed pretty badly by the men in my life.”

I am both laughing and sighing at this. I don’t think ‘disappointed’ is a good word for describing any actions of the men in this book. Anita says everyone has ‘good intentions’ – ahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahhaha – and then Micah and Anita go on and on on on on on about NOTHING. Argh. Anyway, Anita gets to the door to the Circus and then bodyguards drag Nathaniel away because he’s here now because they ‘don’t know him’ even though Nathaniel is always around.

The bodyguards, who are random but have jewel eyes, say that all of Anita’s posse are just cannon fodder. Because that’s how real people in the real non-militaristic world talk. There’s some talk about people getting slaughtered but…. I have no idea what is happening. Why are they treating this like a war’s about to start?

Anita then spends a page rambling about everyone’s clothes. I have no idea what’s happening. She tells the bodyguards to not shoot people. She explains she’s introducing Micah to JC.

“You fucking both of them?” Bobby Lee asked, and the phrase seemed wrong with that Scarlett O’Hara accent.

Someone has clearly not spoken to anyone with a thick Southern accent at all. I think everything sounds good with a Southern accent. And Scarlett O’Hara clearly cussed up a storm throughout the Civil War. Because she’s fierce and such a better anti-hero than Anita. Like I wrote in that female anti-hero article I started a year ago and should publish.

Anyway, JC might decide to casually torture a bunch of Anita’s friends because he’s an arsehole like that.

I don’t understand why the plot do what it do in this book.


2 thoughts on “A review of Laurell K. Hamilton’s ‘Narcissus in Chains’ chapter forty seven

  1. : “Caleb asks why the clown on the sign has fangs and Anita realises that… the vague people with her have never been to the Circus.” And have no awareness that it’s a supernatural circus…despite it apparently being a big attraction in their city…and they themselves are supernaturals and a substantial portion of the shifter community seems to work there….and they’re shifters…yeah no this is dumb

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