A review of Laurell K. Hamilton’s ‘Narcissus in Chains’ chapter thirty five

Anita complains that it is three in the morning but she is such a saint for staying awake. Gregory is up and awake, sat up at the picnic table, which must be a innovative new treatment for shock and blood loss.

Dr Lillian kept touching Gregory, checking his pulse, how clammy his skin was. She was frowning and clearly not happy.

Then take him to the hospital. It’s not difficult. The hospital will have seen shifters before, and they’ll have seen injuries like Gregory’s before. There is nothing new under the sun, after all. Richard stands away and Anita notes ‘Richard hadn’t tried to hurt him again’ something I find really stupid to say. The bodyguards and tokens hover. Richard’s power is like a ‘hot, sticky night’ and Anita is surprised the bodyguards are here still.

Yeah, your ex-boyfriend just flipped his shit and tried to hurt you. No wonder the bodyguards are still here.

Anita is irritated by all this. Everyone stares at Stephen, who has started to strip because…. you know, reasons. Richard is going to heal Gregory or something so Stephen has to be naked. Richard waves his hands around in front of Stephen and POWER rises up like a plane going up through the air. Stephen then explodes and everyone is showered in his sticky goo.


Stephen rubs his face on Richard’s shoes and Anita wants to know what’s happening. Richard and Anita argue about this for a page until he reveals that he ‘tore [Stephen’s beast] from his body’. This is considered a punishment in werewolf culture. Richard did this to prove he could and Anita is surprised even though she’s been telling him THROUGHOUT THE DAMN BOOK TO BE CRUEL AND LAY DOWN PAINFUL POINTLESS PUNISHMENTS ON HIS WOLVES. Well, at least she can now torture Gregory some more! Richard drops his ‘shields’, something Anita only learnt about through Marianne, who Richard hasn’t learnt anything from so I’m not sure how he can do this, and Anita is suffused with his MAN PAIN.

He screams that she can’t feel pity for him – I don’t think anyone pities you at this point mat – and he grabs her and BEAST POWER.

I screamed, and thrust my beast into his, and I felt claws ripping into meat.

The beasts fight or something and Anita screams like a fire alarm. Richard rests his head on her chest but because, ahem, they are both covered in Stephen’s sticky goo, he slides down her body. Anita demands he gets off her. And I think they’re on the floor and Richard’s on top? Eugh, this is confusing. This was all some big fight between their beasts and they are equal or something. Merle confirms this and it’s all wonderful.

They get up and decide they need to touch each other. Richard takes his shirt off. Anita is struck by insta-lust and makes her beast rub his. They rub each other until almost orgasm. Richard decides to subject Jamil and Shang-Da to the pain of having their beast dragged out of them to appease Anita.

Richard’s power teased along Jamil, coaxing, and the best analogy I could think of was like someone trying to lure a cat down out of a tree. Beckoning, talking sweetly, promising caresses, and treats, if only it would come down. But Jamil’s beast didn’t come down, it came out.

sunset crying


plus who caresses a cat? you stroke a cat, not make sexually suggestive movements with it

Jamil changes and there is more goo. Anita attempts to get Gregory’s beast out and it’s difficult and painful and she forces her POWER inside him. She pulls it ‘screaming into the air’ because a man with sustained bloodloss and life threatening injuries needs more pain and injuries, that’s what’ll make him better. He turns into a leopard man and hurray this means he is instantly better.

There are thirty chapters left. We’re halfway through. Will the real plot please stand up?


4 thoughts on “A review of Laurell K. Hamilton’s ‘Narcissus in Chains’ chapter thirty five

  1. Put a damp cloth on his face, it’ll fix everything!

    I wouldn’t mind the … attempts at eroticism in the AB books (because seeing someone get covered in shapeshifter goo *really* puts me in the mood. Not.), as long as they were actually marketed as supernatural romance novels and the blurb reflected that. The fact that they’re listed as supernatural thrillers and we get whatever the hell this is instead, just strikes me as false advertising.

    • That’s the thing that’s always bugged me about the slide into eroticism. Write terrible Ikea sex, fine, whatever, just don’t sell me that your shit ice cream is just chocolate.

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