A review of Laurell K. Hamilton’s ‘Narcissus in Chains’ chapter thirty four

JC is admitting to telling Richard behind Anita’s back and thinks it’s great that Richard is jealous of Nathaniel because… it means Nathaniel is a threat or something. I don’t know.

“You’ll drive him mad.”

“Mad enough, perhaps, to finally acknowledge that he cannot live without you, and that he must come to terms with our triumvirate.”

“You Machiavellian shithead, you’re playing with him.”

What a great work of Machiavellian genius, driving a man into a murderous rage.

“You are making things worse,” I said.

“I don’t believe so. I think, ma petite, that you still do not understand men.”

… basically, Richard doesn’t mind JC and Micah using Anita because they’re all ‘equals’ but Nathaniel is a lesser man which makes Richard cross.

“Tell me exactly what you think Richard thinks about Nathaniel and me.”

… He made it perfectly clear last chapter. I guess all Anita’s intuition has to be confirmed by the opinion of a man. JC says that he told Richard that they had sex and that Anita will prefer Nathaniel because he’s ‘less demanding’. Yeah, that guy who demanded Anita buy him a flat and pay his bills is not demanding. JC laughs at Anita for saying that she doesn’t want to see Nathaniel as a sex object. He laughs at her wishes to be in committed relationships with those she has sex with. He laughs at her morals.

fuck you

I hate JC.

Anita asks whether JC gave her the ardeur to make her have sex. That’s a good question. JC insults her choice to be celibate and then says he’d never force the ardeur on anyone, despite the fact that’s basically what he did. JC suggests that they live together and then admits he doesn’t know what the hell is going on.

“No one has ever tried to forge an alliance such as we have, an alliance not of master and two slaves, but of three equals.”

So vampires are all horrible people and JC is deluding everyone into thinking he sees them as equals. Anita says JC can’t be a tyrant until he has a powerful army. JC talks about Nathaniel like he’s a child, which makes Anita MAD even though she does it all the damn time. They call each other ruthless and Anita says that JC should tell Richard what he did. JC’s all like but you’re going to sleep with Nathaniel anyway, so who cares what happens?

Anita whines that she can’t feed on Richard, icky consent rules, and JC is exasperated about them both. He patronisingly asks whether she wants to talk to her Wiccan friends about the fourth marks. God, I hate JC. He’s an awful person. He does not have one single redeeming quality. Anita waffles about Marianne and they go back to talking about Richard and his accusations.

“He accused me of doing worse with Nathaniel than I’ve done, and he was crude about it. I’m not sure I want to have sex with him right now.”

No, he accused you of sucking Nathaniel off, which you did. And I thought you didn’t understand what Richard thought about you + Nathaniel? And why are you thinking about sleeping with him!

“You are angry with him,” Jean-Claude said.

JC asks if she would not sleep with Richard and then Anita is dumbfounded with how much she would like to sleep with Richard. JC says it’s awful because if she doesn’t sleep with someone soon something awful will happen!

The awful thing has already happened.

JC says that if she fights the ardeur it will destroy all that is good about Anita. Like her… there’s no answer for that. He then pretty much calls her spoiled goods for ‘sleeping’ with Micah. Wow, this guy is such a catch!

He can’t talk to Richard any more and says that Anita shouldn’t be ashamed of having to sleep with people. Yeah, that’s right after saying she’s been ‘compromised’ by sleeping with another guy. Anita reminds him of Damien and hangs up.

What exactly did this chapter accomplish?

6 thoughts on “A review of Laurell K. Hamilton’s ‘Narcissus in Chains’ chapter thirty four

  1. JC does have a redeeming quality! He’s HAWT!

    On a more serious note, I’ve gone through three phases with JC:
    1) Oh no, another cliche Gary Stu vampire love interest *yawn* and he uses gratuitous french. As if I didn’t have reason to hate him enough.
    2) He just raped a person who -supposedly- kills vampires for a living. Why hasn’t he immediately suffered a case of stake-through-heart? Oh right, because that would require LKH to put both hands on the keyboard while talking about JC.
    3) I just saw a picture of him in the Anita Blake graphic novels.

    Have you seen what he looks like in those? Dear lord.

  2. “What exactly did this chapter accomplish?”

    I think I know what LKH was trying to attempt with this book. Without any direct spoilers. Since I’ve read it I know a few scenes are directly related the plot. I think she was trying to do a mystery type thing which makes the reader wonder what the hell is going on. But she does it so badly the plot just look like random scenes you only realise are tied together at the end. That’s if you can remember them sandwiched in between all the smut.

  3. It’s funny because I actually like J.C. relative to all the other utter wastes of space in this travesty called a novel. I don’t know if it’s even possible to insult Anita’s morals or choices because she has no consistent morals or choices. That would require her to be a fully realized character in the first place which, ha ha it is to laugh.

    • I hate JC for being every shitty Rice stereotype and incredibly stupid while we’re told constantly that he’s so incredibly intelligent and plots and makes plans all the time. I hate him for being patronising and rude and thinking forcing women into doing things is sexy. I hate his stupid lace collars!

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