A review of Laurell K. Hamilton’s ‘Narcissus in Chains’ chapter thirty two

Anita sits around while Nathaniel swings around her.

“How’s Gregory?” I asked.

“Dr Lillian put an IV in him, to help with the shock, she said.” He stopped beside the table, not quite in front of me.

“An IV. Richard will be here within an hour or less. If she put an IV in then…” I let my voice trail off.

Nathaniel finished for me. “Gregory’s very hurt.”

No shit. Anita bit off part of his penis and no one’s tried to stop the bleeding.

“You don’t mean the injuries he got from the wolves, do you?”


Someone please tell me why urban fantasy can’t have an intelligent female heroine. Why do they have to be so stupid?

Nathaniel reveals that Gregor is having flashbacks to his original assault by Raina. Anita demands that Nathaniel talks to her, so he goes on about how he thought she’d be just like Raina (she IS just like raina) and that raina tortured nathaniel and Anita is SAD because Nathaniel is ‘so much a victim, so much anyone’s meat’. What happened to Nathaniel was painful and Anita feels bad and nathaniel wants to be her pommey apple so he can feel like he belongs somewhere.

If I sound like I’m bored, it’s because I am. I hate Nathaniel and I hate this bullshit that is just about making Anita out into some sort of saint and how amazing her relationships with people are.

Anita feels bad about feeding on Nathaniel because he’s like a child. An adult child consenting to a sexual relationship.

I hate this book.

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7 thoughts on “A review of Laurell K. Hamilton’s ‘Narcissus in Chains’ chapter thirty two

  1. I don’t think Anita actually bit his penis off, she just remembered doing so through Raina. I have no idea why female heroines are so often portrayed as being dumb, and I REALLY can’t wrap my mind around the fact that the authors of said characters tend to be cis women themselves. (well I can, internalized misogyny, I suspect)

    • I don’t think that either, but she did definitely bite into a chunk and possibly pulled it off. I can’t tell. LKH’s writing about grisly things is always vague, as if she doesn’t want to be writing about them at all.

  2. I hate the phrase ‘anyone’s meat’. It’s right up there with ‘pretty to think so’ on my list of Annoying Things Anita Blake Keeps Saying.

    Is it bad of me to not care about Gregory? All I knew about him before this book was that he helped Raina rape his twin brother. It takes more than saying ‘look at this horrific torture’ to make me give a damn. I have no emotional connection to him at all. If I was writing this, I would have had Nathaniel in Gregory’s place. At least the reader knows who he is. Cutting down on this massive cast of interchangeable extras can only be a good thing. I have a hard time telling Gregory apart from Zane or Stefan or Jason or Cherry or Vivienne. Even Sylvie, Jamil, Shang Da and Lillian only have defined roles, not real characters. And it’s only going to get worse…

    • No, I don’t think it’s bad. These characters are all exactly the same and they don’t have any personality to attach to. In Harry Potter, which also had a cast of thousands, you remembered the characters, cared about the minor ones, and did get upset when they were hurt. Here, I can’t really tell them apart.

    • I think the fact that his being tortured will have almost no real lasting impact on him is the real problem, because it is possible to take an utterly unlikable character and get the reader to sympathize with them (see: Theon Greyjoy).

      But instead of this being used to inspire Gregory to mend his ways, this whole incident was just an excuse for Anita to give him some literal sexual healing and show how awesome and amazing she is. Because that’s what’s really important in this series.

    • She can’t even keep her own characters straight. In the book that starts out at the dance recital, the character of Vivian, who is a wereleopard dating Stephen (werewolf and brother of wereleopard Gregory), wants kids, but Stephan is afraid to be a father because his own father was a violent child molesting asshole… and suddenly her name is Victoria and she looks completely different, even though it’s clearly the same character that’s been in the books since Anita took over the wereleopard. Um.

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