A review of Laurell K. Hamilton’s ‘Narcissus in Chains’ chapter thirty

Anita calls upon the munin. There are so many problems with this.

She spilled up through me like warm water filling a pipe, up, up, riding on a wave of eagerness that she hadn’t had at the lupanar.

She seemed happy enough to come out at the meeting, but what do I know?

When she looked at Gregory, she had no trouble seeing him as a sexual object, but then Raina saw almost everyone as a sexual object, so no big surprise.

Ha, ha, Raina is a WHOWAR.

I touched his face, caressed the line of his jaw. Gregory’s eyes widened. I realized in that moment that he might not know what the hell we were doing, or what had changed.

  • I was going to call Gregory stupid because they were talking about it in front of him, but then I remembered he’s currently deaf.
  • So Stephen and Anita didn’t bother to try and communicate to Gregory what was happening.
  • They also forget he was deaf.
  • RAPE.
  • Gregory doesn’t know what’s happening and is unable to consent to this. Anita’s cure-all for every situation is a great big pile of rape. haaaaaaattttteeeeee.

Anita starts to argue with Raina inside her head over the ‘rules’ which are that Raina can do what she wants and Anita will try and stop her.

I’ve never kissed Gregory before, never wanted to. I still didn’t want to. Kissing, in some ways, is more intimate than intercourse, more special.

That’s why people in Europe greet each other with a kiss!

Raina won’t heal him until she’s been fed, which involves kissing his belly button. Anita obliges by giving Gregory a blow job, which is rape. Raina fills Anita’s head with sex memories because Gregory’s penis is amazing, or something. Anita then bites through Gregory’s penis.

Yeah, I really don’t think this is helping him.

I could still feel the thickness of meat in my mouth, taste blood, and thicker things.

What thicker things? Why can’t you be specific? I thought this was meant to be OMG GORY DARK SERIES but this is so tame. In some respects. Anita vomits and runs off.

Merle follows after her to comfort her – as he’s the only guy around here with nothing to do with Raina, Raina can’t… do anything. Anita screams. I guess it was a bad idea to willingly be possessed by a rapist ghost who likes to chow down on penises. Who could have predicted something bad would happen? Merle carries Anita to the bathroom, because she is a helpless female, and Caleb puts a damp cloth on her head.

What, is that the cure to everything?


7 thoughts on “A review of Laurell K. Hamilton’s ‘Narcissus in Chains’ chapter thirty

  1. It only gets worse. And worse…And after that it gets worse some more. But let me just say that rereading these books through your commentary is giving them a whole new spin, so thank you for that!

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