Another update

I’ll be back to posting full reviews tomorrow, but this is about the Dottiers… Smithers (ha!)… X-Men RP.

I think it’ll be done in googledocs for ease of editing (you will need a google account, or at least have access to one), and will probably be on a Saturday within the next few weeks. To send in character sheets and to discuss the excellent plotline RF has devised, contact me at (Note to anyone who might want to be creepy or weird, this is A email address of mine, not my personal one.)

We’ll all talk together, and start making some arrangements for this!!!


5 thoughts on “Another update

  1. I know I’m a relative unknown here, but I’ve been reading these reviews for some time and I quite like this idea. X-Men has inspired my own creative fiction. I’d love to join in, if possible, with characters from my own canon who’ve grown up in eastern Europe and have been involved in the struggles and wars that plagued the Baltic region.

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