I’m going away for the weekend, so no posts for a wee bit.

But mainly I’m going to update about the RP. I’m guessing there’s going to be quite a few of us – at least five or six – so while I’m nowhere near to making formal arrangements, I thought I should set a few ground rules while I’m planning.

  • I’d really prefer the RP sessions to be held on a Saturday. Obvs, I’m in the UK and have to stay up for all your timezones! Saturday would be best for me, so I hope that’s okay.
  • Before we start, write up a character sheet. Name, bio, abilities, a short history, that sort of thing. It’ll mean all players know what’s what, and we’re not going in blind.
  • Canon will be fast and loose, a blend of the comics and the films. If you like a particular plot point, we’ll find a way to include it.
  • RF is setting up plots, but I’m going to ask that there is a defined starting point – that the characters have come together on the streets of New York, and are thinking of going on a journey together. As to what – well, that’s a set up for a character conflict.

Currently, I’m thinking a mixture of Skype and google docs will probably best, but please let me know what you think.

Dottie x


9 thoughts on “Update

  1. Saturday should work out for me. I don’t mind the medium we use as long as I don’t have to verbally adlib lines. Doing so is fine in a larp but I think without being in the same room with you guys I might find it awkward. I will work on a character sheet over the weekend!

  2. Works for me :>

    Possible starting point—Mutant Town/District X? Seems the likeliest place in NYC for three un-related mutants to all meet. It’s a ghetto in Manhattan that is principally populated by mutants, most of whom are immigrants to boot. There’s a lot of crime and poverty, but it’s also a place of amazing creativity and mutant culture, with mutant artists, performers, etc. Lots of mutant-run businesses, mutant bands, etc pop up there..(: my fave is the mutant fashion designers/stores that make speciality garments for non-typical bodies—tentacle stockings, wing gloves, etc)

    This is my main idea so far: In the comics, there’s currently a drug called MHG (Mutant Growth Hormone) being manufactured from the genetic material of captured mutants. It grants temporary super-powers to the humans who take it (depending on the abilities of the mutant it was harvested from) or, when taken by someone who already has super-powers, enhances them. It’s currently a popular party drug.

    So anyway. Mutants are disappearing in mutant town. Our characters suspect it may be connected to the MGH trade, kidnapping them to harvest their genetic material for choice powers. They don’t trust the human police to care, and the X-Men are currently saving the world elsewhere. So they decide to take it upon themselves to try to track down their friends and save them. The real culprits could by MHG dealers, sure, but it could also be something else, like for instance a Predator X hiding in the sewers (Predator X = huge metal-skinned dinosaur-like monsters created by the same facility that made Wolverine, genetically engineered so that they only eat mutants, one got into the sewers once in the comics ala baby alligator urban legends) or anything, really.
    If you don’t like that, then instead they could be wanting to head to Genosha (up to you if you’d like it to be when it was a place run on the backs of mutant slaves, or if it’s after Magneto took over and made it an all-mutant nation instead).

    Also, I don’t think M-Day should be part of our canon if we go with the MHG *or* the Genosha option, since 90% of the world’s mutants being de-powered would pretty much mean no more mutant town OR mutant nation. Just as a note.

    • Mutant Town sounds like a great starting point, and I like the sound of using MHG as a starting plot; I’ll be playing as Francoise, human daughter of a mutant who wants powers, and Cecilia is going to be a confidence trickster mutant, so the drugs story line really fits in with them and we should get some interesting character moments.

      I’ll post more deets on Monday

      • Sudden idea: Really baddy is an Anita Blake expy who is a reality warper, abducted the missing mutants for her harem

      • It would be fairly difficult to pull off well. Anita’s biggest character trait is that she is a total hypocrite who doesn’t realise how revolting she or the people around her are. Maybe a character trait could be the character was fairly insecure about herself and there them reality warped herself into the ideal she wanted herself to be. And of course that ideal was a bit cartoonish and after that snowballed as the ideal warped as she warped, and therefore she ended up as a bad expy and not a real person.

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