A review of Laurell K. Hamilton’s ‘Narcissus in Chains’ chapter seventeen

I am back to reviewing after that brief interlude.

Asher lays Anita down on the bed, all bridal style and that.

I lay on my back and felt movement from every direction.

Well, apart from a down direction. Because you are on your back and not floating.

Nathaniel rolled over until we were lying beside each other with him on his side. His eyes told me nothing, except he would not say no, but I asked anyway.

“Do you want Asher to feed from you?”

“Oh, yes,” Nathaniel said, and there was something in his voice that I rarely heard – surety. In this moment he knew what he wanted. There was no doubt in him, and the strength of his desire made him… stronger.

  • Oh, that’s nice, you bother to ask him. What if he wanted to say no?
  • Um, you’ve heard from Nathanvile when he wanted something before. Like when he wanted you to pay for his apartment and all his bills. Which you currently do for him.
  • He’s such a blatant manipulator! You are such a tool Anita.

Asher starts spooning Nathaniel as JC spoons Jason. Wow. Spooning. So risqué. Jason touches Anita’s arm and she’s electrified by desire. Arm touching. SO HAWT. She kisses Jason as if she’s eating his mouth which is not very good kissing at all. Nathanvile slides behind her, making them into a big ol’ sandwich. Anita pokes JC’s leg with hers. Nathaniel pulls her hair and then – well, this happens.

Jason brushed against me, and the shorts were baggy enough, the silk thin enough that he entered me.

…okay, that’s really badly written because that just seems he’s poking HIS BOXER SHORTS inside her. Which is, um, not good.

Anita then remembers that she’s only been taking the pill for the past two weeks so this must stop. Not that she asks any of these men to wear a condom, mind. Birth control is the responsibility of the woman and men can’t be expected to take any preventative measures. Blerugh. JC points out she was raped by Micah, to which Anita counters that he had a vasectomy. Sure, why not take Micah’s word for it. There’s no chance he might have lied.

The ardeur only withdrew momentarily, like a wave pulling back from the shore., I could feel it rushing towards us again. Jean-Claude was right, every time I said no, the next time was harder to deny.

Wow. JC is so much in love with Anita, cares for her so deeply, that he infected her with a sex magic that means she is unable to say no to sex. What a charmer.

Anita says that she can’t have sex, despite the fact you can have sex without intercourse or the fact that JC spent the last chapter repeatedly telling her you don’t have to have sex to feed.

JC then proceeds to repeatedly explain to Anita how she doesn’t have to have sex to feed.

I do not have the attention span of a gnat, LKH. I can remember things. I can remember every single word of Muppet Treasure Island, even though I haven’t seen it in three years. I remember the lines of every Cure song. I am known as the human imdb amongst my friends for my endless amounts of movie trivia. I can remember a rule of magic from a chapter away. You do not need to repeat them over and over. It’s a shameless attempt to pad your wordcount and it does not fool me.

JC says she must feed before meeting Richard, even though she has already fed and said she was sated after she did it. Nathanvile pipes up to say that Anita must be with Micah as the wereleopards have to be ruled by a mated pair. Even though leopards are solitary creatures. Nope, love of destiny! Because that’s not a writing trope used by inexperienced teenaged girls at all.

Anita and JC argue about feeding, and she gives in. JC begs her to let them wear condoms, even though there are ways to have sex without penetration. These guys are the worst at sex. Anita then has to be told it’s really really bad if she doesn’t feed.

I KNOW THAT. I remember her pain fit. Anita should remember her pain fit. She already knows this! Stop repeating yourself!

Oh, and JC wasn’t turned by Belle Morte. He was actually turned by ‘Lisette’ who was from Belle Morte’s line. JC had a really bad time with Lisette and wants to spare Anita from ‘degradation’.  AHAHAHAHAHA this man tried to pimp out Anita to a rapist, degradation has already happened.

Asher confirms that the ardeur is for real bads – although ANITA ALREADY KNOWS THIS – and says how JC was the greatest and bestest and prettiest and that JC spent five years mastering the ardeur. JC then berates himself for giving Anita the ardeur. Yeah, I’m sure you’re upset about this. Anita asks what he has done to her.

Um, give you the ardeur. What you’ve been bitching about for like four chapters.

JC then shits on Anita for being raped and having sex with Nathanvile. Great, slutshaming. Just what this book needed.

“I did not have sex with Nathaniel.”

“No. And wasn’t what you did instead more satisfying to some part of you than mere intercourse would have been?”

You had oral sex. That’s still sex.

Anita thinks back to the sex – it happened half an hour ago, you don’t need to think back – and asks whether she’ll be affected if she doesn’t feed.

“I have no way of knowing for certain.”

“No more games! Will it grow worse?”


Anita wants to know what she can do to stop it. FEEDING. FEED-ING. YOU KNOW THIS. WE HAVE BEEN OVER THIS. ARRRHRHRGRHRHR

“Fine, but I think we can do better than condoms.”

“What do you mean, ma petite?”

“Nathaniel can put his shorts on, and I’ll find my jammies.”

You’re really stupid. Dry humping can still result in pregnancy, you know. Everyone stares at each other while Anita wonders about how much control she might loose. Naturally, JC doesn’t know and Anita is glad she’s a sociopath.

This is an awful book. It is pure garbage.


3 thoughts on “A review of Laurell K. Hamilton’s ‘Narcissus in Chains’ chapter seventeen

  1. Last line of this review.
    “This is an awful book. It is pure garbage.”

    Last line of the first review of the first book (guilty pleasures chapter one).
    “Very intriguing so far.”

    Other highlights of the first review (out of context. I’m not copying the entire post).

    “That’s a good opening line. It immediately draws a reader in –”

    “a very good tactic for keeping readers on board.”

    “This is a word where people make zombies as a career choice.” + image with the word “Awesome.”

    “I think already I might prefer Anita’s narration. It just feels more… clever, than Sookie’s”

    The difference between the tone of the first post and this one is staggering.

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