A review of Laurell K. Hamilton’s ‘Narcissus in Chains’ chapter eight

Okay, so far in NiC; wereleopards were kidnapped, it took Anita two hours to get to them because she’s useless, they were tortured in really dry language that focused on how sexy they were, Narcissus wants equal treatment, and something vaguely bad is happening to the local shapeshifters.

These events were not well paced. There was a clear event that these chapters were supposed to be leading to – the rescue of the wereleopards – but LKH kept adding random bullshit to the events. She was padding like crazy for no good reason, and now I’m more confused than I should be, and now Anita is unconscious and having a symbolic dream.

I hate symbolic dreams. They are a cheap ploy used by bad authors who don’t know how to bridge between events.

  • Anita is chasing some animal.
  • JC is chained to Narcissus’s bed.
  • Anita drinks his blood.

She wakes up in a vague place that isn’t a hospital, but she is hooked up to hospital equipment. It’s just too much to deal with, so she goes into unconsciousness again.

  • Anita is wading through cold water.
  • She starts falling unconscious in her own dream. What is this, Inception?
  • JC drags her into the light.

Anita wakes up again and is cradled in JC’s lap. She is very cold and soaking wet. JC bewails that he can’t ‘give her the warmth she needs to survive’. Um, dickwad, you have access to hospital medical equipment, you couldn’t afford a heat pad? What the hell is wrong with you?

Richard appears and touches her face. Wow. Such help. His skin is hot.

“You’ve got a high fever, a very high fever. They put you in a shallow ice bath to bring it down. But your body reacted like a shapeshifter’s. The low temperature while so much damage was healing almost killed you.”


Being knocked unconscious gave her an instant infection? So, ok, an ice bath nearly killed her. Did they try –

  • sponging her down?
  • cooling the room?
  • taking off layers of clothing?
  • give her a fever reducing medication?
  • getting an electric fan?
  • taking her to an actual hospital if her fever’s so high? Anything over 44 degrees can start impairing your brain function.

These people are such jackasses. Richard then drops that Anita needs ‘high temperatures’ to heal, like a shapeshifter. That makes absolutely no sense. Because, yeah, cure a dangerous fever by making the person hotter! While you’re at it, why don’t you take a pint of blood and strap a bare chicken to her armpit?

I didn’t understand who the ‘we’ was.

And this is the expert on supernatural creatures. THIS is the expert.  Anita then starts having a fit. Richard demands that they get a doctor – which they should have done already, there’s a few supernatural doctors in town – and JC and Richard starts blathering about ‘what must be done’.

My vision cleared for a few seconds. Richard was stripping out of the tight pants.



……… rape is not a cure for anything, Richard.



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