A review of Laurell K. Hamilton’s ‘Narcissus in Chains’ chapter two

Thanks to everyone for their good wishes!

Anita blanks out after the phone conversation, forgetting where she is and what she has been doing. Ronnie pipes up with an intelligent idea – that Anita redial the number that called her, and find out if Narcissus in Chains is a real place, and not just a trap by various villains to get hold of Anita.

Anita does this – phoning back, it appears the call was placed from a phone box outside NiC. Anita ponders how to find out the club is real. I would ask the police, to see if they have any official records of the place – or to phone Irving, and see if he has access to any records. Hell, this is 2002. See if the place is listed online. Instead, Anita decides that JC is clearly the expert here.

If you’re wanting to ask questions about the sexual fringe, Jean-Claude is definitely your guy.

Please. That guy is plain icemilk if ever I saw one.

Ronnie, as a best friend, immediately offers to go with Anita and help her. This makes Anita ANGRY because Ronnie is just a human and she wants to get the icky old police involved. Anita can’t go bursting into a club with a backup who doesn’t enjoy killing every person they come across. That’s why she needs JC. Although, if he does anything bad, Anita is going to kill him.

Ronnie questions whether she could really do it.

I just looked at her, and I know without a mirror that my eyes had grown distant, cold. It’s hard for brown eyes to be cold, but I’d been managing it lately.

I didn’t realise that people with brown eyes were unable to display any other emotion than rapturous joy.

And then Ronnie starts arguing that Anita shouldn’t kill JC? Because killing JC would kill Anita? Eh? And then Anita implies that JC is behind the kidnap? What? Ronnie then says how she doesn’t even understand Anita any more, which should be expanded on further as that’s quite sad, but who cares about Anita’s friends? Her men are the only important thing!

She’d managed to get a tiny prick in one of the hose; the hole was shiny with clear nail polish. She’d carried the polish in her purse for just such emergencies. I’d carried a gun and hadn’t even taken a purse.

Yeah, and how did you pay for dinner, then? Or pay for the cover to get into the night club? I guess Anita forced Ronnie to pay for the both of them. What a shitty friend.

Anita berates Ronnie for ‘having hysterics’ – what hysterics? Ronnie has been more sad than hysterical – and says she has no time to talk about ‘moral philosophy’. lololololool anita having morals. Ronnie says that Anita is cold, and needs a lover who is colder than herself, and storms out.

anita cries because she is SAD. Yeah, sad like a toddler having a tantrum.


4 thoughts on “A review of Laurell K. Hamilton’s ‘Narcissus in Chains’ chapter two

    • I missed commenting on them – the past few days have been a bit hectic – but your blogs pick up on a lot of the stuff I miss/skip over for time. But yes, we are picking up on the same problems – even if you don’t hate Nathaniel as much as I do 😉

      • Ha, well to be fair I haven’t read the books before this, save Guilty Pleasures. I just enjoy the submissive male character type. It’s not very common in fiction, for one thing. I think I like the notion that not everyone’s sense of autonomy has to look/function the same way.

      • LKH has great opportunities to write male and female characters that fall well outside the norm but be treated as they rightly should. She watches these opportunities whizz past her.

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