Dottie Recommends: Rev.

This is absolutely one of my favourite TV shows of all time.

As you are all probably aware of by now, I am quite a committed atheist. I do not ‘do’ religion, except from a historical perspective. I do not naturally accept having a ultimate symbol of authority, so I don’t fit well into a system of faithful hierarchy. However, I grew up in a world shaped by religion – namely, the Anglican Church, which is a really bizarre hodge podge of Protestant and Catholic beliefs. It’s a church which tries to please everybody and, of course, pleases no one very much.

And that’s the major theme of Rev. Rev is about the Reverend Adam Smallbone, who runs a crumbling inner-city church. He runs around trying to please absolutely everyone and never really succeeds. He has a wife, who doesn’t get involved with the church, several devoted parishioners, but not enough to maintain his church, and has to meet the demands of his Archdeacon Robert, who is vaguely rather evil.

And, wonderfully, this is a comedy.

It’s a very black comedy, but it’s routed in really great characters who are very well-developed with good depth. Most of the episodes are a bit like watching a slow car crash, but it never fails to make me laugh. I really love this show – it’s sharp and heartwarming and faceslapping all at the same time. I strongly recommend it, and I really think you should check it out.


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