A review of Laurell K. Hamilton’s ‘Obsidian Butterfly’ chapter sixty four

Anita condescends to let the police know that Olaf is raping and slaughtering an innocent woman. Thanks Anita. Thank you for momentarily thinking that someone just might be as important as you are.

Bernardo, who is openly campaigning to win the title of ‘World’s Most Consistently Unpleasant Asshole’ (a hotly fought battle between Edward Cullen and Christian Grey atm), doesn’t think they should stop Professor Dallas from being raped and murdered. After all, Olaf saved Anita and Bernardo, so he ought to be able to rape and murder any woman he chooses with impunity.

Why is this even an issue to be argued over? Just because you do one good thing it does not mean you can run around RAPING AND MURDERING WOMEN. Women are not objects to be won and disposed of!

LKH, why do you hate women? What have we ever done that was so awful?

“There’s no misunderstanding,” Bernardo said. “I think it’s shitty to turn Olaf into the cops.”

This argument over whether they should allow Olaf to RAPE AND MURDER AN INNOCENT WOMAN lasts for two pages. To add a cherry on this shit sundae, Bernardo says they should MURDER INNOCENT POLICE OFFICERS to let Olaf run free.




Bernardo then says if Anita won’t let Olaf go, he’ll shoot her in the back of the head.

Again, LKH, why do you hate women?

Anita waffles on about how ‘Olaf has more rules of honour than you do’ but lol whatever he rapes and murders women for fun, he has no honour. Bernardo tells her to just get used to it, because she cut out a vampire’s heart. Um, asshole, that’s her job. Fuck you.

They arrive at the house and Dallas is – mercifully – okay. Anita finds an envelope with her name on it attached to Dallas’s postbox. She takes it, and goes up to the house to check that Dallas is ok. You know, for once, Anita is behaving like a decent human being. I wish she behaved like this all the time. Dallas says how someone prank called the police to come to her house.

The cops then stare at Bernardo for being a POC because in a state with an extensive Native American and Hispanic population all the cops are white and inherently racist.

Anita opens up the note from Olaf, which is essentially a great big love note with doodles of ‘Olaf 4 Anita’ and love talk about the two of them killing people and how they are murdering soul mates.

If a guy who likes brutally raping and murdering women thinks you can go murder people together, it’s time to re-evaluate your life choices.

The note wasn’t signed. Big surprise there, since I might have given it to the police.

Um… you’re not going to? Olaf is WANTED by the police. That note has his handwriting and probably is covered in his fingerprints. Why don’t you want him to be caught by the police? Anita then tells Dallas about how Olaf nearly butchered her and makes her read the note. Dallas attempts to make them turn Olaf into the police but silly women serial killers are cool and must be encouraged in their hatred towards women!

Anita then thinks about how she is essentially Olaf. I don’t think this is going to make her change her behaviour in the slightest.


13 thoughts on “A review of Laurell K. Hamilton’s ‘Obsidian Butterfly’ chapter sixty four

  1. Y’know, for me this book is, in my humble opinion, the low point of the series. I don’t care what people say about Narcissus in Chains, this is where the series scrapes the bottom of the barrel. No, I’m sorry, the bottom of the barrel is too good for it. The smelly mold that builds up below the bottom is also too good for it. Not only does it take potshots towards my cultural heritage but it seemed to know how to piss me off by taking a shot towards single mothers. Me and my sister were raised by my mother and not once did I feel like the “man of the house.” Because as far I was concerned, she was in charge and that was that. Yes, I can sort of relate to Peter, all too damn well for my own comfort, but this isn’t the place to talk about that. Point is, being a single mom is hard and the situation thrust upon them is bad enough as it is without LKH mocking them. This book rubbed everyone the wrong way. I don’t blame you for getting worked up over what LKH wrote about Europe, because who wouldn’t be angered when somebody stereotypes a whole continent?

    And then there’s Olaf…the fuck? Even if I was a snotty brat in my adolescence, I sure as hell wouldn’t think the guy is “kewl.” Sonuvabitch, I’d at least call the police or do something, not discuss whether or not to let him go. Damn, why the hell do people consider this a highlight? Yeah, letting a serial killer/rapist is definitely a good thing, because that never goes wrong…what a fucking joke. And for the record, somebody else has done a heroic neutral character better than LKH. F. Paul Wilson’s Repairman Jack. If anybody feels they need to correct me on that, please do so. Well, I’m done. Sorry for rambling my rant but I had to get that off my chest. Bah, I’m too happy to let this stupid book get me down, the Big G is coming back and I can’t wait.

    I also want to apologize for my extremely ignorant comment on the club scene. Had I known about rituals a bit better, I wouldn’t have said anything stupid. At least I have the excuse of not writing a book series that requires world building. The same can’t be said about the author. Research is, for the umpteenth time, YOUR FRIEND, LKH.

    Keep up the good work!

    • I enjoy rambly rants on the blog. Discussions about literature, and the impact the art has on wider culture, and how we personally react to art, are incredibly important. The written word is all a reflection of something, whether it is a reflection of something ugly or beautiful, or the pain we all carry inside ourselves. And when we see something as fucking up, we need to talk about it so we can work out how we can make it better.


    • I think this is considered the “high point” of the series because it’s sort of a return to what the books used to be – Anita hunting monsters and killing bad guys (just ignore the fact that she spends most of the book sitting on her ass). The books before became so centered around her messed up love life, and after wards it descends into being at least half porn (calling it Harlequin would give them too much credit).

      • I read a lot of Harlequin romances and the authors, bless ’em, put a lot of research and effort into their stories. They really try, as opposed to LKH.

    • I’ve read NiC and imo it was better than this. I liked NiC in a weird way. Oh, it had all the problematic elements you might expect, but there were flashes of interest. I’m going to do a write up on it eventually, I think. It’s the book that inspired me to try the whole magical law enforcement angle with my next project. (though I guess I got the less rape-y version of the Anita/Micah shower scene, so that might have colored my opinion a little)

  2. Point of fact: Arizona, which is next to New Mexico, and has much of the same mixing of heritages, is *extremely* racist to its minority population, despite it being very heavily Latino. And the sheriff of the state is still Joe Arpaio, who keeps getting elected despite the fact he’s a heavily racist piece of shit. Not to mention problems like the state passing a law to prevent a Mexican-American History program from continuing because “the bill forbade any school district to include in “its program of instruction any courses or classes . . . that promote resentment toward a race or class of people[,] . . . are designed primarily for pupils of a particular ethnic group[,] . . . [or] advocate ethnic solidarity instead of the treatment of pupils as individuals.” (Mind you, this bill was written pretty exclusively with the program in mind.) The Daily Show had a great time lambasting the assholes. http://www.google.com/url?sa=t&rct=j&q=&esrc=s&source=web&cd=1&cad=rja&uact=8&ved=0CCkQtwIwAA&url=http%3A%2F%2Fthedailyshow.cc.com%2Fvideos%2Fovmyo9%2Ftucson-s-mexican-american-studies-ban&ei=_p9MU-LzHuaJ0AHiwoGICA&usg=AFQjCNFvc5KWa1N68wu6tAECZrGTGVP-gA&sig2=SUJU__alFhYNVJpALdz6rA&bvm=bv.64764171,d.dmQ

    Anyway, tl;dr, I can unfortunately see all too well the possibility of the cops being white and racist.

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