A review of Laurell K. Hamilton’s ‘Obsidian Butterfly’ chapter sixty three

They found my guns in the chest with the rest of the weapons, though the holsters were missing. I just couldn’t keep a holster intact on this job. But I stuffed my guns down my jeans.

And then Anita accidentally shot herself in the crotch, severed her uterine artery, and bled out before an ambulance arrived.

What? Putting your gun in your jeans is incredibly stupid and dangerous. You end up shooting yourself.

Anita finishes getting rid of the vampire bodies and is so miraculously uninjured that she can skip going to hospital. Me, I’d want to make sure that the bleed inside my brain had actually been fixed and wasn’t going to impact any more on my health.

One of the men had given me a jacket that said FBI on it to cover my nearly naked upper body. Several of the uniforms and most of the hospital staff assumed I was a federal agent. I kept having to correct people, and I finally realized that the emergency room doctor thought my denial meant I had a concussion and didn’t know who I was. The more I argued the more concerned he got.

Well, it seems she’s gone to the hospital anyway. You’d think that the FBI would have done something to prevent this from happening. Or that one of them would explain this to the hospital. But nope, Anita has to have head x rays. Which is good, lest the vampire’s magic died with him and she’s slowly bleeding inside the brain. NO WAIT THAT’S BAD.

Bernardo comes to talk and exposit. Edward is going to live – boo – and the children are going to be ok. Anita then immediately realises Olaf has rushed out to kill Professor Dallas. Bernardo tries to argue that they shouldn’t stop him because ‘he saved your life’.

jesus christ i hope you get hit by lightning and melt into liquid goo bernardo you are a shitty fucking person

Anita and Bernardo run off, but are stopped by Marks. Marks calls Anita a witch and tries to stop them, but they run out to Edward’s car. Which is at the hospital for some reason. Oh, and to run out, they cracked Marks’s skull. Great. What a pair of heroes. They then realise they don’t have Professor Dallas’s address, but Marks would have had it.

waaaahhhh waaahhhhh.

Anita decides to phone Papa instead, and demand for the address. I guess the conclusion of this book is stopping Olaf killing someone in a way that vindicates his choices as a man and demonises Dallas for being a woman.

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