A review of Laurell K. Hamilton’s ‘Obsidian Butterfly’ chapter sixty

We’re into the home stretch now. Sixty pages and five chapters left. Do you think LKH will remember that she’s still got the mystery of Red Woman’s Husband to solve?

Anita and co are running. Just running down generic hallways and staircases while trying to get away from the ‘bad guys’. There isn’t really much to comment on because, well, nothing is really happening. It’s incredibly bland and boring. It’s not tense, because running around is… just not, and it’s not atmospheric, because LKH has not established where this is happening or any details of the location.

It’s hard to get tense or concerned about things when all that’s happening is Scooby and the gang running down endless corridors. It wasn’t tense when I was three. It’s tiresome when I’m twenty two.

Edward then gets staked in the back.

A bunch of hired goons runs out to shoot at them. Anita kills all of them, apart from Amanda, the woman who abused Peter. Olaf and Bernardo then run in. They’re pretty useless for master assassins, aren’t they? Why didn’t they break in to stop the goons before now?

Olaf and Bernardo then TURN EDWARD OVER to look at the stake wound. Congrats idiots, you’ve just driven the stake in further.

It had missed the heart or he’d be dead, but it could have pierced the sack around the heart, and blood could be spilling into that sack as we watched.

… ‘sack’? Do you mean his lungs?

Anita then decides that Peter feels responsible for all this, because…. um, he was there? Olaf then asks for Anita’s t-shirt to pack around the wound.

What t-shirt? When did Anita put on clothes?

They bandage up Edward’s stake hole as best they can – the stake can’t be removed without expert help. Anita mentions that a dying goon said they had to ‘clean up the mess’. Edward says that this means that people are going to kill and burn everything. Anita remembers that Becca is with them so they try to hide the sight of the dead people everywhere, but didn’t really try and hide her from when Anita was killing them, so I should imagine Becca is pretty traumatised by now – even more than she was.

The crew walk somewhere and now there’s blood everywhere and this is bad.

Remember when this was a book about a murder mystery.


4 thoughts on “A review of Laurell K. Hamilton’s ‘Obsidian Butterfly’ chapter sixty

  1. It seems that LKH doesn’t quite realize that the reader isn’t in her head, and thus doesn’t know things unless she mentions them. Like when Anita put he clothes back on after waving her boobs to distract that one mook. Because that needed to happen, for some reason.

    I think we have definitive proof that she was writing without an editor at this point.

    • The past what, five chapters have been adventures in ‘Running through random rooms’. Perhaps the editor just gave up by now – LKH is notorious for submitting manuscripts two or three months before the publication date.

  2. I’m guessing the ‘sack’ she’s talking about is the pericardium/pericardial sac.

    As for the rest of it…lord knows what’s going on. I’m not a very fussy reader, but I really don’t remember this book being such a hot mess.

    • That makes a lot more sense.

      I’m not a very fussy reader either – I enjoy Dan Brown and the like just as much as ‘proper’ literature. I love an exciting story, and I love really unashamedly trashy books. But I object to a book where I can’t even tell when and where scenes are taking place!

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