A review of Laurell K. Hamilton’s ‘Obsidian Butterfly’ chapter fifty seven

Yesterday got very serious – although justifiably so, I think we’d all agree – so we are returning to the usual goings on of poking fun and raging.

Anita is being allowed to wash up, because she has such a hard time in the last chapter, and she immediately starts making jokes about comics with the hired goons. The official Black Guy is called Blade, after the Blade of comics fame, and Anita doesn’t have an issue about making jokes of this nature after watching two children being tortured.

You’re the worst, Anita.

Blade demands a shower, because… reasons, and when another goon argues that two people have to watch her, he says he won’t be afraid of anyone who vomits after watching torture. I have no idea why Anita is still vomiting after seeing torture. She’s seen so much and done so much you’d think she’d be numb to it all by now.

The guy called Deuce laughs about how they could make Blade rape her, because mwahahaha haha evil. He demands that she ask why he’s called ‘Deuce’, presumably so LKH can reveal her clever backstories.

Deuce gets his cock out, revealing that he has the two of hearts tattooed on it. He then says his tattoo did not hurt ‘as much as it’s going to’.

Oh, joy, it’s more attempted rape.

Anita stabs Deuce in the heart with a concealed switchblade. She takes his guns, and grabs a pile of towels to act as a makeshift silencer. In order to get the attention of all the male goons, she strips. She goes to Blade in the shower, putting on a breathy Marilyn Monroe act about how she promised to bring him towels. She takes off her bra, wiggles around to ‘distract’ him, and then shoots him until Blade is in bits.

Anita considers putting her bra on again, but decides to run around nude. I don’t know why. She skips along to rescue Edward – NOT to rescue Peter or Becca, who actually need her help.

I hate this book.

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