A review of Laurell K. Hamilton’s ‘Obsidian Butterfly’ chapter fifty two

Ramirez hadn’t put cuffs on anyone, but he had called for more backup.

Well, he would have to charge them with something before arresting them. You can’t just put handcuffs on anyone you’d like to. The audience just sits and watch this, because they are not smart enough to realise that this is not a part of the stage show. The werejaguars run at the police officers, and one tries to shoot Anita. Just because. I don’t blame him. I’d take the first chance I could.

Anita asks Papa about the little figurine that came from Riker. Papa thinks that part of the carving represents the whole mummifed thing but that the god it depicts is feeding on the digestive system, which is wrong. Anita asks Papa about the giant man-sewn-together-ball and she says that the pack gains power through it. Anita explains that Baco is a witch, and Papa says that Baco could only do this sort of thing through having access to the magic of the god that’s running around mutilating people. Anita asks Papa whether she has a problem with one of her gods being killed. Papa reasons that if it can be killed, then it is no god.

Papa warns Anita about JC – honey, if she doesn’t listen to me, her humble reviewer, she’s not going to listen to you. They talk about how JC’s an incubus, which we already know, and how denying him sex ‘crippled’ him.

Um, no, you ableist shithead. Not having sex is nothing like a physical disability.

But now Anita has to feel bad about denying her rapist boyfriend sex, boo hoo.

Insert any pithy Doctor Cox quote of your choice.

Anyway, now they have to go and see Nicky Baco. Again. He’s in the hospital after having the shit beaten out of him. They now have to scare him into telling them the location of Red Woman’s Husband.

Oh my god the whole business with Papa was one long dead end my god this book is terrible


3 thoughts on “A review of Laurell K. Hamilton’s ‘Obsidian Butterfly’ chapter fifty two

  1. “Papa reasons that if it can be killed, then it is no god.”

    Actually, some gods can and do die depending on which mythology we’re talking about (the Norse gods, for instance, are fated to die on Ragnorak, aren’t they?), though I admit that this may be a case of LKH as a writer deciding Papa doesn’t know this, rather than LKH herself not bothering to check it (I know, I know, giving her way too much credit) Now that I think about it, actually, I have no idea if the Aztec gods were the immortal kind or not

    • I wouldn’t think they’re unkillable, since one is notorious specifically for being disembowled and torn apart (Coyolxauhqui, killed along with 400 of her siblings), but I think they’re immortal in the sense they don’t die from old age.

    • I know that some gods can and do die, and some die in a metaphysical sense due to lack of belief, but Papa is the first character to display actual logic and sense in this book and I am just so happy someone is using logic. Papa is just the best character in the book because she’s the only one saying the whole situation is bullshit.

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