A review of Laurell K. Hamilton’s ‘Obsidian Butterfly’ chapter fifty

Anita doesn’t understand what Ramirez means, so she tells him to ‘stop talking politic rhetoric’. Um, he said that neither of you are allowed to the scene. Considering how much Marks hates you, why does this sudden development need explaining. And it’s not political rhetoric. It’s exactly what it sounds like.

Ramirez has been tasked to compare pictures of the murder scenes before and after for ‘insurance purposes’. That sounds like bullshit. Insurance companies have employees to do that for them. Surely the police want to work out whether there is anything in the houses that are similar or the same, possibly providing a motivation for the deaths. He then says how smart Anita is –

– and he’s brought all the crime scene photos for her to look at. Um, doesn’t she ALREADY HAVE THEM AT EDWARD’S? Anyway, the murder victims all had a lot of very valuable Native American artefacts.

“You know what Riker is?”

‘Who’. Riker is a person, not an object.

It would seem that Riker sold all the artefacts to all the families and his dealer is the latest dead dude. The cops figured he was good for it, and a warrant was easily granted because they know he killed those cops. But no, they didn’t get a warrant for THE FUCKING ARTEFACTS THAT ARE THE CONNECTION BETWEEN HIM AND THE DEAD PEOPLE, they got one for weapons.


The police found that Riker’s home was full of Aztec artefacts. Because LKH still thinks that New Mexico was a hotbed of Aztec activity. *rolls eyes*

“According to experts, they are Aztec, but very late period like after the conquest.”

“Wait a minute, you mean these were carved after the Spanish came and kicked the Aztecs’ butts?”

I have no idea why you put the apostrophe after the word. I find it remarkable how much LKH warps grammar. And yes, the Aztec people kept making things after they were conquered. You’d be amazed how things still continue. Culture doesn’t just immediately stop, you know. And no, I don’t think the oppression and slavery of an entire race of people, leading to the exploitation, slavery, and butchery of an entire continent should be referred to as ‘kicking their butts’.

Anita is confused because ‘I don’t think anything was made after the Spaniards arrived. Didn’t they destroy everything?’


How else would we know of pre-conquest Central and Southern American cultures if WE WEREN’T ABLE TO EXAMINE AND STUDY THEIR ARTEFACTS?

Ramirez and Anita discuss whether it might be a real Aztec god stalking around New Mexico killing people.

“If you mean a real god with a capital G, then I’m a monotheist, so no.”

I’m sorry, LKH, but did you just say that any god other than the Christian one is ‘not a real god’? Seriously, fuck you. That is massively offensive.

How does Anita perform voodoo without paying homage to the gods of voodoo?

Anita goes on about how eeeeeeeeevvvvvviiiiiilllllll the Aztec gods were because they needed sacrifices. You’re such a hypocrite. How much space is in the Bible regarding what sacrifices the Abrahamic god demands? Sure, he doesn’t ask for human sacrifice. He only asks that people like necromancers are ritually killed.

Anita mentions what Nicky Baco told her and they consider talking to Papa again. They decide to go and do that because it roughly correlates to looking out for the artefacts. They complain about Marks and Edward comes in. He’s brought clothes for her to change into. Ramirez goes outside and they talk about how Papa avoided telling them the full truth.

The way he said it made me start pulling things out of the gym bag. Black jeans, black scoop-neck T-shirt, black jogging socks, black Nikes, a black leather belt, my black suit jacket, the worse for being folded for two days, black bra, black satin panties – Jean-Clause had been a bad influence on my clothing.

What was the point of that list? Other than making me want to tear my hair out? Good lord woman, did no one ever tell you how not to write? Just because you’re successful, it doesn’t mean you stop listening to critiques. It should make you listen to MORE critiques, because you want to get better! Each book is steadily getting worse, and it wasn’t that great to start with.

They load up with hundreds of weapons before having a long discussion about Edward’s untucked shirt. AHHHHHHHHHHHHHH. They then go on about how she painted her belt buckle black because it means that it doesn’t reflect light. Here’s a thought Anita; wear a pair of trousers that fucking fit. Or a pair of braces. Then you don’t need a belt. They then talk about how women should wear pink and that Edward has gone to baby showers with Donna and how Anita used to be pink but now she’s darkity dark dark. And they try to shoot each other again.

Edward warns that he knew someone as good as her but that he got killed. Anita lets him know of her desire to be cremated, which Edward questions. After all, good Christians don’t get cremated!

Since when? Cremation has been an acceptable means of, um, body disposal in Christianity for just over a century now.

Edward drops that Richard called because he was soooo worried. Not worried enough to come and see his dying girlfriend, might I add.

Anita then spends TWO PAGES getting dressed. I’m going to skip all of it because it’s all horsehit aside from a helpful little piece of advice on women and sizes.

I hate women who complain about being fat when they’re like a size five. Anything under size five isn’t a woman. It’s a boy with breasts.

Congrats on even more offensive. I’m not going to shout and scream at this quote – it’s a famous one, illustrating how hateful LKH to other women, and I think we can all see why it’s infamous. I find it disgustingly offensive, but indicative of the attitudes these books display.

Also, Anita can’t iron things. She complains about her jacket being wrinkled and how she has to send it away to be dealt with. Use a fucking iron.

Anita comes out after the TWO PAGES we spent on her getting dressed. They’re all going to skip away to visit Papa, who will hopefully rip their heads off for us.


5 thoughts on “A review of Laurell K. Hamilton’s ‘Obsidian Butterfly’ chapter fifty

  1. RE: cremation – to my understanding (based on my mother’s family) many Catholics are generally anti-cremation. And I don’t believe cremation is as popular in the US as we might like it to be, so Edward’s surprise isn’t unusual.

    Also, her idea of people’s cultures just…up and disappearing overnight once they’ve been conquered is spectacularly ignorant. Not that it’s a shocker, but still. Even though the Spanish did their level best to destroy everything, the priests still had plenty of natives writing down their history in their own words, as well as Spanish. And syncretism is a thing that happens: two cultures meld, and plenty gets preserved. Dia de los Muertos isn’t originally Catholic Spanish. But, LKH is an idiot, so we’ll just pretend everything disappeared by 1522.

    Her “boy with breasts” comment was always one thing that immediately bothered me when first reading this book. Because I *was* able to fit into a size five at the time, and I did not in any way resemble a boy: the hips were a good giveaway, for one. The idea that you can’t be curvy and “womanly” is laughable. Plus, if I remember right, her attempts to describe Anita’s size was….basically around a size 5. (Which is actually a JUNIOR size: size 6 is a woman’s size. Juniors are odd numbers, women’s are even.)

  2. You know, I hear “I hate women who complain about being fat when they’re not!” so much, not just from LKH.

    Isn’t it funny how people decide that it’s the women to blame, not the culture that has told them that they’re fat, even at this size, and that fat is a terrible thing to be. Nope, the women are definitely the ones to complain about here, they obviously just pulled this idea out of thin air to be annoying!

    • Like, all problems with the media come from the awful wimmin controlled society! Damn wimmin and how they oppress themselves!

      Plus eugh boy with breasts is such a hateful phrase to so many different groups

  3. Ok what size is Anita?! She’s my height & about my weight (she’s just a few pounds lighter) with giant breast. What possible size can she wear that’s far off from a 5. It seems like she’d wear a 4 or 6. Am I missing something. Maybe it’s the jumbo breast. Too big to look like a boy with breast.

    My mom was cremated & several other Christians I know. I’ve never actually heard of it not being ok. I know a pastor who arranged cremation for one of his congregation as that’s what the man wanted & knew he was dying. So when I read that I was like wth are they talking about. Plus Anita good Christian?

    I love this blog so much btw.

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