A review of Laurell K. Hamilton’s ‘Obsidian Butterfly’ chapter forty eight

The gang all decide to go back to Edward’s house because Anita can’t do anything else today. How come all their lives revolve around what Anita does? They’ve all become pod people. Instantly.

“Did you learn anything worth getting out of the hospital early?” Edward asked.

Um. Edward, you were in the room with Anita when Nicky told her all the information he had. But apparently LKH forgot this and Anita tells him everything we learnt in the last chapter.

“It can’t be a god,” Bernardo said, “not a real one.”

“I’m the wrong person to ask,” I said. “I’m a monotheist.”

So I guess all those other gods are not real ones either. Just because you only believe in one god, it doesn’t mean the others don’t exist.

“Edward?” Bernardo made a question of his name.






Anita then goes how she doesn’t think anything is truly immortal, she just needs to find out how to kill them. I would argue that immortality is just the ability to live forever and that it doesn’t grant you invulnerability.

They get to Edward’s place and a big van is outside. Remember that plot line from three hundred pages ago about that arsehole Riker

and how he was totally going to shit up Donna? I guess the big bad gangster is finally, you know, doing his gangster-ing. Harold and Newt and some girl who is running around braless have come because the boss wants to talk to Anita.

Of course he does.

Anita makes a run for it

no, I don’t believe it. She just got out of hospital after dying three times. I don’t believe she’s up to running around just yet. She thinks about the ‘bad guys’ because she is a child. She over hears the goons talking about snatching an artifact someone used against some monster. Newt walks by Anita’s hiding spot so she stabs him in the foot. She drags him into the bushes. Another goon asks if he’s okay, but as he has a knife by his throat, he says he was just frightened by a snake.

Yeah, I hear a blood curdling scream coming from a friend and I’d just walk on and think nothing was suspicious. A scream of pain is very different from a scream of fright.

Anyway, the police show up conveniently and the goons are bundled off. Marks is pissed because Anita left the hospital without giving a statement on the whole baby eating corpse, which is fair in my opinion. Ramirez goes all soppy about how he wasn’t there to protect her blah blah blah it’d be meaningful if you’d known each other more than two days. Anyway, he notices that Anita has burst her seams and she passes out.

Anita wakes up in hospital. Doctor Cunningham is all ‘hahaha we have to stop meeting like this you are such a hard ass’ and I’m just so bored. So bored. This book is awful.


4 thoughts on “A review of Laurell K. Hamilton’s ‘Obsidian Butterfly’ chapter forty eight

  1. And then she gets blood poisoning from running around with an open wound in the dark and getting it full of muck, and she dies tragically. Edward kills Riker because Donna is his and he’s possessive, and then he leaves her because she made him kill a human who didn’t have any supernatural powers, and that goes against his serial killer code. Jean Claude and Richard both die because they’re tied to Anita. Asher seizes control of St Louis and runs it in the name of Mr Puddikins. Olaf is arrested, Peter gets therapy, and Anita’s younger brother Josh grows up and becomes a best selling author.

  2. “Edward, you were in the room with Anita when Nicky told her all the information he had. But apparently LKH forgot this and Anita tells him everything we learnt in the last chapter.”

    I think we can definitively state that LKH was working without an editor at this point. Even if she forgot Edward was there, someone else should have remembered that he was.

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