A review of Laurell K. Hamilton’s ‘Obsidian Butterfly’ chapter forty four

Anita spends a page complaining about how much pain she is in, and then realises that a nurse has to unhook her from those machines checking that she’s still alive. The nurse says she can’t leave. Anita does not like this, so Doctor Cunningham has to be fetched. After all, you can’t expect Anita to listen to another woman, can you? The doctor forbids her from going, but Anita demands to leave.

The doctor decides to show her something, so while he goes, Edward pops back in, and cuts Anita loose. Doctor Cunningham comes back with a mirror so Anita can see how bad she looks.

Um, if Anita doesn’t care that she DIED THREE TIMES, the fact that she has bruises on her face is not going to stop her. And I find it remarkable that Anita’s face is so injured and yet her teeth are fine, her nose is whole, her cheekbones aren’t broken, and her jaw is in one piece. Remarkable how the rampaging corpse displayed enough acumen to avoid damaging Anita in any permanent ways.

Anyway, this doesn’t faze Anita, and she demands to go. The doctor… doesn’t do anything. I’d have thought that a doctor could prevent a woman who has DIED THREE TIMES in the last two days from leaving the hospital. But whatever, she can go off and get herself killed. I live in hope.

Doctor Cunningham sends a nurse in to help Anita get dressed. And oh no, Anita can’t get a bra over the stitches in her back and Anita just hates going around without a bra!

  • That has never stopped her from doing so in the past.
  • Yeah, with mammaries larger than your head, I should imagine that would be painful.
  • Aren’t there bras designed for this sort of purpose?
  • There surely must be hospital bras designed for women who have had surgery
  • yup there are
  • here’s one

So, yeah, the hospital would have these available for women in Anita’s position. But noooo we’ve got to get Anita into a position where she’s braless, because god forbid someone behave like a professional adult in this series!

The nurse then casually drops into conversation that she used to work in the nursery and was responsible for the clean up of the BODIES OF BABIES WHO WERE EATEN ALIVE. Just to remind you all, because I am not letting anyone forget this, Anita was responsible for the entire nursery of newborn babies being eaten alive. Oh, barring one. That was thrown at her as a weapon. So probably suffered some terrible brain damage, if it is still alive.

I mean, Jesus H Christ, I thought the baby eating in Twilight was bad enough. This is a hero single handedly responsible for the death of hundreds of innocent children.

The nurse then goes on to talk about the nursery nurses who also died, not that Anita cares.

I slipped the jeans over my butt without help, buttoned them and zipped them all my myself. Things were looking up.


The nurse keeps talking about what she had to do, not that Anita gives a shit.

“See a counselor or a priest or whoever you trust,” I said. “You’ll need help.”

She is telling you. She apparently trusts you, for some reason. Why don’t you try sympathising and trying to help a fellow human being for once?

The nurses asks if a witch is behind the attacks and whether witches are immortal like vampires.

I didn’t do my usual lecture about how vamps aren’t immortal, only hard to kill.

Um, no. If a vampire can live forever, then yes, they are immortal.

She laced my shoe solid, but not too tight, as if she did this regularly.

Oh my god, people LACE SHOES????? MADNESS I TELL YOU.

A grown woman wrote this.

A grown woman wrote this.

This was published.

This book is destroying me.

And then Anita implies that the nurse has a learning disorder. Stay classy, Anita. Anita promises that she will kill the evil ‘monsters’.

I hate this book. I hate this book.


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