A review of Laurell K. Hamilton’s ‘Obsidian Butterfly’ chapter forty three

Edward came in the door before it had time to swing closed. He was wearing one of those short-sleeved shirts with little pockets on the front. If it had been tan, I’d have said he looked dressed for a safari, but the shirt was black.


what is my life.

What the hell was that? That was published? THAT was considered good enough for publication? Shit the bed.

“If you‘re dressed for my funeral, it’s too casual. If it’s just street clothes, then you must be scaring the tourists.”

Yes, black shirts. Surely the most terrifying article of clothing is the black shirt.


Anita asks Edward why he’s so serious. If this wasn’t published waaaay before the Dark Knight, I would think that was a stolen line. I’d think Edward is serious because you nearly died. Edward points this out and ahahahaha he cares about her ahahaha. They then talk about how much he likes to kill people, because I needed to be reminded of that. He also drops info that Bernardo was injured as well, although I have no idea how. He didn’t do anything!

Edward apparently tried to go and see Nicky Baco. Baco won’t see anyone other than Bernardo and Anita. Edward doesn’t understand why people might need to talk to the only other person in a fifty mile radius with the power to control dead bodies.

“Maybe, but I don’t know much about ritual necromancy. What I do is actually closer to voodoo than traditional necromancy.”

Um, how do you know that. You have never done any research into necromancy. You killed the last necromancer you met, and never asked him any questions on necromancy. How do you know this!!!!! TELL MEEEEEE!!!!!

Oh, and Edward casually reveals that he allowed Anita to walk into Baco’s bar unprepared, so he could find out where the local werewolves hung out so he can later commit horrible crimes against humanity.

i don’t like Edward.

Anita says that this is ‘such a guy thing to do’. Yeah, getting people dead so you can commit an act of ethnic cleansing. That’s such a guy thing. Guys like… Goering.  Himmler. Those… guys.

Anita then comes to the conclusion that this is about Donna – ?but Edward interrupts her to point out it’s mightily convenient that the case is all about Aztec magic and the MOC is an Aztec. Um, you don’t know it’s Aztec magic. You don’t know what type of magic it is. The only clue you have is shards of obsidian, which means absolutely nothing.

“Not just from vampire powers, no, nit of she were some kind of Aztec sorcerer in life, she might retain her powers after death. I just don’t know that much about Aztec magic. It doesn’t come up a lot.

Do you know why? That’s because the Spanish destroyed the records of the Aztec. They destroyed their culture with fire. Why are you still sympathetic towards the invading Spanish?

She was different from any vampire I’ve ever met. It could mean that she was a sorcerer in life.”

How was Papa any different from any vampire? I don’t get what was so different about her.

I would also like to point out that, in Aztec culture, magic is entirely separate from their religious practices. From what I have read – and I will stress that Central American cultural practices are not my specialty – Aztec magic is focused on nahualli, a person’s spiritual twin, who is almost always an animal. A skilled sorcerer is one who is able to use their spiritual twin to perform tasks. I guess that you could use a nahualli to skin people, but… I don’t think that Anita understands that magic may be different from what she is used to.

This all means that Baco can’t be responsible for the murders because… um…. I have no idea.

Edward pulls out clothes for Anita, after regretfully telling her that her stupid back sheath is destroyed for good, and they are all black. Black equals ‘authoritative’ you see. Edward’s wearing black because it hides blood. He’s wearing a vest of mini-knives under his shirt, so I guess he’s worried about pricking himself.

Cause… he’s a prick. Hurr hurr.

Anita complains about the knives. Edward tries to appease her with a flamethrower and this works.

He smiled. “Not Christmas, more like Easter.”

I frowned up at him. “I don’t get the Easter reference.”

Because you died and came back to life? I mean, it’s obvious. Although I’d have used a Gandalf reference myself.

Edward laughs about Leonora and how Wiccans sacrifice things. hahahahahahaha. Komedy. Anyway, they’re off to see Baco, even though Anita isn’t well enough to leave the hospital yet. ‘Cause, you know, she died a few times. In a row. But whatever, it’s time to bully dwarfs.


2 thoughts on “A review of Laurell K. Hamilton’s ‘Obsidian Butterfly’ chapter forty three

  1. “Maybe, but I don’t know much about ritual necromancy. What I do is actually closer to voodoo than traditional necromancy.”

    yeah and we all know how much LKH/Anita clearly understands Voodo *sarcasm*

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