A review of Laurell K. Hamilton’s ‘Obsidian Butterfly’ chapter forty

I couldn’t regain the link with the thing without stopping and concentrating.

If you have to stop and concentrate to control the unstoppable magical corpse, then WHAT WAS STOPPING YOU FROM DOING IT EARLIER. YOU WERE ALREADY STOOD AROUND! WHAT WAS STOPPING YOU???

Guess where the magical corpse has headed. Guess where it’s made a bee-line for.

The maternity ward.

You know, zombies in this universe don’t eat flesh – it doesn’t matter how much you try and change that, that was the rule you made, LKH – but surely there would be safety measures in check to prevent blood-crazed vampires or werewolves from bursting through hospital wards to eat babies? I’ve almost finished ‘Feed’ by Mira Grant (which you should all check out, I’ll be doing one of my recommends on it) and it’s a world where zombies run around eating people. And there are checks everywhere. Stay you want to go to the mall. You will have to go through a blood check to get out your house. You have to get a blood check entering the mall. You have to get a blood check leaving the mall. And you will have to get a blood check and be disinfected, body and clothes, on re-entering your home.

In this universe, where murderous zombies, werewolves, and vampires run around on a fairly regular basis, you would think there would be a system in place to stop one of them from easily running across hospital wards and straight into the nursery.

*slaps book with a magazine*


Especially as I am now reading about how a murderous zombie is eating babies. Anita jumps over several bodies, reasoning that she can’t help people who are alive.  The corpse throws a woman through the door to the maternity ward and Anita jumps through, taking care to mention her Judo training. Which I don’t care about when there’s a corpse eating babies because Anita couldn’t be bothered to stop it.

And now I have to read about the partially eaten corpses of babies.


Anita fires at the corpse, which is rampaging because of her fuck up, and the corpse throws the baby at her. She fires at it, but is fucking useless at doing her job, because it doesn’t stop.


Anita gets knocked to the floor so, of course, the corpse tries to rape her.



Why the hell does it want to do that?

Is Anita just so sexy that an animated corpse has to stop it’s roaring rampage to rape her?

Just stop it.

Anita uses this opportunity to pop its eye out with her thumb. Hey, LKH, I think you forgot you used that last chapter. The corpse jumps off and goes back to eat babies.

And I knew what it meant to do. It wasn’t trying to escape. It was trying to take as many lives as it could before we destroyed it. Its master was feeding off the deaths.

So… it left them to be alive for weeks before the murderer started eating death? Why? And why did it try to rape you, instead of kill you?

Now Anita tries to do something.

I was a necromancer, and all this fucking thing was, was a corpse.

What did that poor sentence do to you, that you mutilated it so?

‘I was a necromancer. It was just another fucking corpse.’


Anita finally stops the corpse after it has murdered all the babies.

Wow, you’re such a hero Anita. I’m so glad that this book was written.

The murderer laughs through the corpse, so Anita says ‘fuck you’ and ‘I felt his anger, his outrage that I could defy him’. Defy him by letting him finish his plan in peace you mean. Because you did nothing but get a lot of people dead and a lot of babies eaten.

This is the benchmark for the series. And the ‘hero’ stood by and allowed a whole nursery of infants to get eaten. Wow. Just wow.


6 thoughts on “A review of Laurell K. Hamilton’s ‘Obsidian Butterfly’ chapter forty





    I’m just going to mentally fill this in with Boo (remember, my rat?) being in there instead and gobbling up all the babies while Anita can do nothing. And not trying to have sex with her because he’s a rat. And has taste.

  2. Of course the zombie-thing heads directly for the maternity ward. And of course it tries to rape Anita (for some reason…). Because those are the most heinous things LKH can think of, so that’s always what the Bad Guys do, because she doesn’t seem to get subtlety.

    I’m also starting to think that eye-gouging is about the only real defensive move LKH knows. Heaven help her if she’s attacked by someone wearing glasses or goggles.

    And yeah, why is this zombie-thing only doing this now? I mean, Bad Guy getting charged up by death is fine, but why keep a corpse in a hospital animated this long, only to suddenly go nuts? I mean, was it supposed to be doing this more subtlety for a while, but did he suddenly panic now that The Mighty Anita Blake is on the case?

    Or did LKH not realize that there’s no real reason for this to happen? (I’m betting it’s this one).

    • I’m betting on that one. If the master wanted deaths, surely the corpses should have gone blood crazy as the police and ambulance services arrived?

      I mean, that’s what I would do for maximum carnage. And babies don’t have a lot of life to them. Surely old people are the food of choice!

  3. I don’t remember the baby eating zombie trying to rape her, or how, but just to be clear this IS one of the zombies that no longer has identifying genitals, or were there other zombies that were brought in when I wasn’t looking? Because the idea of an unequipped, skinless zombie humping Anita in the middle of the maternity ward…. equal parts hilarity and disgust.

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