A review of Laurell K. Hamilton’s ‘Obsidian Butterfly’ chapter thirty nine

The white sterile room had been a quiet corner of hell. Now it was a loud, chaotic corner of hell.

That’s appalling writing.

Basically, all the victims are magically controlled corpses, SOMEHOW, and Anita was unable to detect that until this point because her super special necromancy and animating powers decided to take a day off and go to the seaside.

This is a book about a woman with magical powers to control the dead. I can’t believe that she is a competent character with those powers if she is unaware of magical dead bodies surrounding her. It’d be like Dracula scaling a wall and then suddenly deciding to forget how to climb down walls, so he would just plummet into the gully next to his castle.

The corpses rage around the place, and Ramirez orders everyone to not kill them.

Jarman was with him, beating the thing’s head with his baton from far back like you’d hit a baseball. You could hear the soft, melon-like thunk even over the screaming.

You can’t do that with a police baton.

Police batons aren’t long enough to be swung like a baseball bat. They are for swift thwacks, not long swings. And no, heads are no ‘soft’ and ‘melon-like’. If he’s smacking the corpse in the head, then you would presumably hear the skull cracking. Because bone is HARD and is not made of fruit.

Aaaaaaand the only African-American in the book so far has been brutally murdered by having her chest eaten. Anita, if you were so fucking sure that all the victims were corpses that were going to go into a flesh spree, then why the hell did you go and bother Nicky Baco? Why didn’t you put measures in place to stop this?

Bernardo is vaguely stabbing at corpses. Yeah, that’s going to help. Moron.

Anita is standing around doing nothing, as per usual.

I took a deep breath, centred myself the way you do in martial arts class just before you break something big and permanent-looking.

You don’t break peoples bones in your fucking training class. What the hell is wrong with you?? Who goes to a martial arts class to break other people’s bones?

Anita stabs a few corpses before she declares for them to get out of here!!!! Before a male character may be threatened, you mean. Another corpses lurches up, so she pops his eyeballs with her thumbs. Bernardo throws a corpse around.

Meanwhile, Rigby has been chopping up corpses with a fucking axe. He’s actually been trying to do something while Anita stopped to stare at a corpse eating away an innocent woman’s chest.

Christ, Anita is so fucking useless.

She gets grabbed and one grabs Bernardo, but strangely enough, the corpses don’t try to kill them. Funny that. And then the room gets set on fire. I’m not sure by who. Water comes down, and I’m guessing that they must all be out of the corpse room.

Jarman died in the muddle of Anita staring at things. God, Anita is fucking useless.

Oh, and somehow a corpse got out and is now rampaging in the hospital.

For the third time, my god, Anita is SO FUCKING USELESS.

The two deaths? Entirely her fault. They were completely preventable. There are people dead because she is lazy and because LKH cannot write.

I said, “The bad thing went that way.”


Ramirez then shouts at her in Spanish and calls her a ‘bruja‘. That is actually the correct term for once, so props. Anita pulls her gun out and runs off to stop the corpse.

They were just animated corpses, just a kind I’d never seen before.

How many ways are there to animate corpses? And how come that means your special powers over the dead don’t work on them?

Technically, I could control any form of the walking dead.

Then why can’t you?

She sends out her powers (which is called ‘magic’ with quotation marks in the text for no reason, since it is magic and doesn’t need quotation marks) and runs out. Although she doesn’t really try hard enough because she reasons that she can’t stop whatever is going to happen.

You’re a fucking necromancer. Necromance.


4 thoughts on “A review of Laurell K. Hamilton’s ‘Obsidian Butterfly’ chapter thirty nine

  1. I think by “big and permanent looking” she might have meant something like a big board or a brick.

    Then again, it’s Anita, so who knows

    “I said, “The bad thing went that way.” the hell. I just…what?

    also wow she is the worst necromancer

    • Oh, that’s good, although I wouldn’t put it past her to go out of her way to injure people in sparring matches.

      She is staring at magically controlled corpses and it does not once occur to her to do something about it. What is the point of her having this power if she’s not going to use it?

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