A review of Laurell K. Hamilton’s ‘Obsidian Butterfly’ chapter twenty nine

The gang head on back into the dining room, although they were eating in the dining room already, so I don’t know why they left. Maybe to do the hokey Cokey. There is a very long bit where they go on about silly putty – which I guess is just bluetack – and Anita has a very long memory about the fourth grade.

By the time we had one wall covered I was mildly depressed.

Oh, shut up. You are not depressed. You are just unhappy to be looking at pictures of mutilations. There is a difference. Olaf and Anita snipe at each other in a really pathetic way, and Anita talks about how gory the pictures without saying what is going on in the pictures. I mean, I know they’re dismembered bodies, but that’s about it. The only thing described is how one of the scenes has fresh blood in the pictures because the victim’s parents were coming over to be told that the wife was pregnant. But no actual descriptions of the bodies. C’mon, let’s have some gore here!

Anita asks whether the parents arrived when the sun was up, which will let them work out if the creature that did it lives by any daylight or nighttime rules, and it turns out Edward hadn’t even thought about it. Because he’s stupid.

“But what does it gain us,” Olaf said, “if the creature is limited to darkness or daylight?”



Olaf gets pissy because Anita can’t hope to find anything that the police missed and Edward and Anita smile at each other like they’re on a greeting card because he’s so proud of her.

“You look like a proud teacher whose pupil is doing well.”

“More like Frankenstein with his monster,” I said.

Edward thought about it for a second, then nodded and grinned, pleased with himself. “I like that.”

Olaf frowned at both of us. “You did not create her, Edward.”


why are these characters all so stupid

Anita and Edward continue to smile at each other about how wonderful Anita is. They need to find out whether any of the deaths took place in daylight, but oh no, the police are already starting to bar her from crimescenes! Quite justifiably!

Anita stares at the pictures and asks if the internal organs of the victims are missing. They are. Olaf says removing organs is difficult because they are very heavy. He knows this because he likes to murder and skin and mutilate people too.

And then Donna and the children arrive.




I don’t have any words for how much Edward and the whole Olaf situation sicken me. It sickens me because we’re supposed to accept it as being right, somehow. That it’s okay for Olaf to be in this place, to be around these people. As if Olaf is a good and ‘cool’ character.

He isn’t.

Bernardo says they should hide the pictures, so Anita suggests that they put the tablecloth over the door. Instead of just pulling down the pictures. She refuses to help because she’s too short. She watches Olaf and Bernardo do it, and sighs because she just can’t kill another one of Edward’s backups.

oh god i hate anita

i hate this book

i hate LKH’s stupid fucked up views on sociopathy and how it’s so amazing and cool

because it isn’t

being a murderer and a rapist isn’t cool

i don’t believe I HAVE TO KEEP SAYING THAT


5 thoughts on “A review of Laurell K. Hamilton’s ‘Obsidian Butterfly’ chapter twenty nine

  1. Keep on saying it. You’re the voice of sanity in this mess. Oh God, the idea of Olaf being around Donna and her kids…do not want.

  2. I would like this from another angle (and well written, obviously). If Anita was shown as the evil bitch we know she is, and her team of horrible people go up against more horrible people. If it was shown that she had several screwed up relationships, that working with a serial rapist-murderer might raise some ethical questions, if Edward was unapologetically evil and just dating Donna because he enjoyed being emotionally manipulative and planned to dump/kill her when he got bored, it could be fun. And then they could get killed off, and whatever killed them could become the new protagonist. But I hate being told that I should admire her! She is a horrible person! And she treats being a murdering rapist as a minor personality flaw.

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