A review of Laurell K. Hamilton’s ‘Obsidian Butterfly’ chapter eleven

Anita has found a soul in the house.

She asks Ramirez if anyone died in the house. He denies this, citing the fact that there are just spots of blood in the house. Wow. He is officially the least imaginative or inquisitive police officer ever.

There was blood like black juice soaked into the carpet.

Wow. Again. That’s such a… imaginative and visceral description right there. It reminds me of when I split Ribena on the carpet! Anita realises that Ramierz is right because she can’t find any other signs of death, meaning that her asking him was entirely pointless.

Marks come rushing in, demanding that Anita leave the crime scene. He starts shoving her out of the door with a perfect reason why.

“Thou shalt not suffer a witch to live.”

‘Hi, my name is Lieutenant Marks and I’ll be your strawman for this evening’. God forbid she create a human being for once.

I rose on tiptoe and planted a big kiss on his mouth. He stumbled back, pushing away from me so hard that he fell into the bedroom and left me pushed into the hallway beyond. Masculine laughter filled the hallway. Two bright spots of color flamed on Marks’ cheeks as he lay panting on the carpet.

“You’re lying on your evidence, Marks,” I said.

This is an adult gritty paranormal thriller. This is how a grown woman thinks adults behave. I’m fairly sure that this is how aliens write people interacting.

Edward reveals that Marks has gotten her kicked off the case, and neither of them understand why this is happened. I figured it was probably because Marks witnessed her kicking a colleague in the face.

“Where’s that famous temper of yours?”

“Maybe I’m growing up,” I said.


Anita tells Edward about the soul she found, and has to explain the whole AB universe soul thing for Edward’s benefit, but mainly the audience’s. Edward then reveals that despite Anita being told that the whole family was in hospital, they actually have a son who is missing. Because lord knows someone investigating a crime can’t be told the details of a crime, that would just be bonkers!

Edward is impressed by Anita’s ‘deductive reasoning’ that if two out of three people are in the hospital, that other person is missing.

Edward says he’ll take Anita out to lunch, and that he’s got copies of all the relevant documents for Anita to peruse at leisure. Why?

“I told you the Santa Fe police like Ted.”

Yeah, they like a bounty hunter enough to just give him confidential files on an ongoing case. That’s how the police work! You just show up with a smile and a can-do attitude and suddenly, you’re given information that you have no legal right to have.

Anita then bitches about Marks’s lack of professionalism. Excuse me while I choke on the level of hypocrisy evident there. She declares that Marks must be ‘replaced’, sounding like a mafia boss. Edward suggests that Anita go out with Ramierz because BLAH relationship dramas BLAH. BLAH good guys BLAH. BLAH date some ‘men’ BLAH.

Who gives a shit?

What would it be like to date someone “normal”? I didn’t know.

Are we ignoring that guy you were engaged to at university? Because he was human and normal.


Gosh, I literally could not care less about Anita’s relationship woes. I have actual real things to worry about.


6 thoughts on “A review of Laurell K. Hamilton’s ‘Obsidian Butterfly’ chapter eleven

  1. Wow. He saw you kick a man in the face, and then you sexually assaulted him at a crime scene. Why on earth would he not want you at the crime scene? I do not understand his logic. It’s a good thing he’s a strawman, or we might have to deal with someone having valid objections to Anita.

    A teenage boy is missing, his parents are dead, and several people have been flayed and are clinging to life at hospital. Clearly, the priority here is whether Anita needs to start dating another man! This is obviously the most important issue here. Clearly.

    I hate her so much.

  2. “Thou shalt not suffer a witch to live.”

    Because heaven forbid that he act like an actual cop and give one of the numerous real reasons why Antia shouldn’t be there. That’d just be stupid.

    “Edward reveals that Marks has gotten her kicked off the case, and neither of them understand why this is happened.”

    Like that! Why didn’t he just tell her that? Anita would still get pissy, but at least Marks would actually have some ground to stand on.

    “I told you the Santa Fe police like Ted.”

    You know, there’s a really simple way to make Edward’s involvement in this situation make sense – have him be known as an expert on supernatural creatures. Much like Anita is supposed to be. But no, we can’t have anyone else know more than Anita, especially about monsters and whatnot.

    “Edward suggests that Anita go out with Ramirez because BLAH relationship dramas BLAH. BLAH good guys BLAH. BLAH date some ‘men’ BLAH.”

    I swear, it’s like Anita (or more likely, LKH) doesn’t have boyfriend-specific object permanence – if they aren’t around, the cease to exist. She’s already involved with two guys in St. Louis, how is her getting involved with a guy in Santa Fe going to help matters? And I bet Ramirez wouldn’t be nearly as accommodating to Anita’s insistence that she sleep with him and two other guys.

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