A review of Laurell K. Hamilton’s ‘Blue Moon’ chapter forty four

Everyone melted into the woods like stones thrown on the surface of some dark lake.

I don’t call that melting. I call that plopping.

Even Ben, who was carrying Roxanne, had vanished.

Ok, let me get this straight.

  • The enforcer, who is third in command, is relegated to the role of personal chauffeur.
  • If the enforcer was, say, Richard, would he be sent to carry around women and not do anything?
  • Oh, yeah, and why is Roxanne being carried around by a man?
  • I’m sorry, did Anita I’m-just-a-plain-old-human-I’m-not-a-monster manage to injure a werewolf so badly that she has to be carried around?
  • And if Ben has to carry Roxanne around, what is the point of either of them being here?
  • They can’t possibly help the situation. They are nothing but a hindrance.
  • In all, this fails.

Nathaniel hears someone in the bushes, and so they ferret him out.

It was Howard the psychic.

You made a big deal out of him being a clairvoyant. He even took a reading from an item of Anita’s. Being a psychic and being a clairvoyant are not the same thing. Consistency. DO YOU SPEAK IT?

Howard begs to not be murdered. Anita screams at him to try and work out if he raped Charlotte, but as he reminds her, he’s a clairvoyant and cannot bear to touch other people. So he can’t possibly rape her. Except that he could, with a foreign object. I wouldn’t imagine Anita to be able to even comprehend of such a concept, seeing as how black and white her views on sex are.

Anyway, Howard reveals that Niley and Linus are going to sacrifice Charlotte to raise a demon to search for the spear. Only that there is no spear for a demon to find by sacrificing Charlotte. Howard made his living by swindling cooks, only to get himself involved with Niley, who will kill him. You could have just told him it was in the Vatican, you know. I’d like to see Niley and Linus try and get into Vatican City. They would be hilariously destroyed. There’s no time to save either Daniel or Charlotte, as they’re both going to be killed.

Roxanne then pops up and goes ROOOOOOOAAAAARRRRRR and attacks Howard. Well, I guess she was…. useful.

There would be no choosing. No either/or. We would save them both.

I don’t like the look of that ‘either/or’ in text. It looks unprofessional and sloppy.

Anyway, Anita and Richard are running to save Daniel and Charlotte. The stakes never been higher. Or something.


5 thoughts on “A review of Laurell K. Hamilton’s ‘Blue Moon’ chapter forty four

  1. So Niley is a stupid, evil, rapist, demon-raising homosexual. Good to know. Also, I seem to be missing a step in the logic. Kidnap people that I know will summon dangerous killers to me. Sacrifice them to a demon – an agent of hell. This demon will help me obtain a weapon of God. Logic?

    But seriously, if he’d just kidnapped Mr and Mrs Random McNonperson, I really doubt Anita would have cared enough to stop him.

    And the vampire conflict went nowhere

    And the rape subplot came to nothing. Seriously, it could have just been Richard saying ‘hey Anita, could you come raise this corpse to see if it was eaten by trolls or not?’ And then we wouldn’t have had EVIL WHORE Betty.

    And the kiss-chase rape didn’t come to anything either

    Storytelling, how you don’t do it.

  2. I think that, in this universe, the term “psychic” covers a broad range of abilities that being clairvoyant falls under. When it’s not being used synonymously with “witch” that is.

    …LKH can’t really seem to keep her rules about that straight, what a surprise.

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