A review of Laurell K. Hamilton’s ‘Blue Moon’ chapter forty two

I am being fuelled by tea, so hopefully the sugar rush will push me on through!

Anita kicks everyone from the room, apart from Jason, forgetting that she was in a coma and should go to hospital. She whines about how everyone is trying to kill her and JC will kill everyone. Jason snuggles on the bed while she paces around the room in a WOMANRAEG. She’s wearing her guns and saying how she gave Roxanne a concussion, ignoring the fact that SHE HAS BEEN IN A COMA.

Damian knocks on the door. The police have arrived, with a vampire in tow. They have a message from Frank Niley, and we learn that after Anita shot Nikki, there was a small flight with some of the local vampires.

It would have been nice to see that, not just to hear how they ever so prettily ripped Damian’s buttons so you can see his chest. Bleaurgh.

Anita goes on through, leaving Jason in the basement. There’s a Detective Thompson and a vampire called Donald in the kitchen. Anita asks how they found her, but Thompson reminds her that she just fought and killed the servant of the local Master, so she kind of gave herself away. Donald asks why Anita hasn’t left like she said she would and reminds her that it’s against Vampire Council rules to kill a human servant.

Asher said, “A human servant gives up their safe conduct if they attack another vampire directly. This is Council law. Anita did nothing that the Council will hunt her for. If Colin persists in trying to harm us, it is he the Council will hunt down and destroy.”

Well, that’s mightily convenient. Anita has stumbled upon a perfect loophole.

Thompson’s message from Niley is a little jewellery box. Inside, is a lock of hair. It’s from Daniel, Richard’s brother. Underneath it is a fingertip from Richard’s mother.

So, let me get this straight: Richard was openly threatened and went into hiding, but he never thought about what might happen to his family??


Thompson says they have to leave town tonight, or they’ll start chopping bigger bits from Daniel and Charlotte. He grins, because everyone is a complete and utter villain. Thompson keeps on threatening her, but Donald understands who he’s dealing with and tries to back-pedal. Anita shoots him in the head, killing him instantly. Thompson then goads and goads Anita, who realises that he wants to be killed by her, rather than subjected to Linus’s idea of fun.

Asher suggests that they cut things from Thompson to even things out. That’s surely going to help matters, isn’t it. Anita commands her crew hold Thompson down on the floor, and that Damian gets her a knife with a serrated edge. Damian offers to do it, but Anita says she will do it herself.

“The rule is never to ask someone to something you won’t do yourself. If I can’t do this, then we won’t do it at all. We’ll find another way.”

All her crew affirm that they would totes torture another human being, so Anita should just get down to it. Zane even provides her with a cleaver, the better to chop off his fingers with. Thompson says this makes her as bad as Linus, but Anita disagrees. I disagree as well. I think this makes her much worse. Anita asks him if he raped Charlotte, and because Thompson looks afraid, this must mean he is guilty.

I hate to point out the obvious here, but of course someone is going to look afraid when they’re being pinned down by vampires, with a deranged maniac hovering over them, wielding a cleaver.

Anita chops off two fingers and then is immediately sick. I’m sorry, am I supposed to feel sorry for her, for forcing herself to do this? Because I don’t. Anita’s done worse, far worse already. She can bitch about how she’s ‘broken something inside myself that would never heal’ because I remember all those people she’s killed in horrible ways and know that she is lying. She doesn’t feel bad about torturing this man and thinking up a BS excuse for doing it.

And then she shoots him in the head, like an animal.

My god, I hate Anita Blake. I hate her hand-wringing, her audacious nonsense, and her constant declarations that she is ‘good’. Because she isn’t. She is the most hateful character, utterly devoid of empathy, that I have ever read. Essentially,


5 thoughts on “A review of Laurell K. Hamilton’s ‘Blue Moon’ chapter forty two

  1. You know one of the reasons torture is frowned upon? Because it doesn’t fucking work. Most people will tell you anything they think you want to hear, whether or not it’s true. They didn’t manage to get a location or any valuable information. This was unnecessary. And given that Anita hadn’t eaten recently, I am going to console myself with the thought that she is throwing up stomach acid which is painful as fuck. Almost as painful as where you throw up acid and then cough and then it burns your nose. Yeah.

    Although from a psychological standpoint, her throwing up makes very little sense. It’s not nearly as common a reaction as books and movies make it out to be. And given how coldly she had killed, raped and assaulted people before, I cannot believe that she would have such a severe physical reaction to this.

    I hate her. I really really do. Is she going to go to Donald’s family and say ‘a bad man threatened you to convince your daddy to do some bad things, so I shot him instead of arresting him’. She works with the police. Her first instinct should be to follow the law, not to put a bullet in someones head. That is murder. That is illegal. And the fact that she shows no guilt working with the police after this shows that she is a horrible person.

  2. ““A human servant gives up their safe conduct if they attack another vampire directly”

    Ok, so considering all the vamps Anita has attacked, basically every vampire in the goddamn country should be allowed to kill Anita on sight if they want regardless of if she’s somebody’s HS, got it.

    • A terribly convenient loophole, that. So convenient, in fact, that one might be inclined to think that LKH just extracted it from her rectum so Anita will be “justified” in killing these people, rather than having to face the consequences of her actions.

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