A review of Laurell K. Hamilton’s ‘Blue Moon’ chapter thirty nine

Anita doesn’t have enough hot water for a bath, but complains that the bathroom is so hot that it’s probably for the best. If you’re hot, why not have a cool shower?



The door is kicked in while Anita is in the bath. There is a woman with muscles and hair ‘like a veil’.

She wore a jean jacket with no sleeves.

No, she didn’t. Unless her jacket has been made of a pair of jeans, she is not wearing a ‘jean jacket’. You see, ‘jeans’ are a specific type of trousers. They are made of denim, a cotton twill fabric. You say ‘denim jacket’ because that’s the fabric it’s made from.


ETA: In America, in the 80s, denim jackets were called jean jackets. So I’m the dumbass here.

Anita is not impressed by this woman.

Under other circumstances, I’d have been sort of disdainful.

Why? Of course, I’m being silly. If this had been a man, Anita would have been scared because men are powerful and important. Women are not, so Anita immediately discounts them. If a man had written this, everyone would have decried him as sexist. But, nope, because LKH is female, she can’t possibly be sexist.

Except that she can, and she is.

Anyway, this ‘punk’ (HA HAHAHAHAHAHAAHAHAHAH MY PARENTS ARE PUNK ROCKERS AND THIS WOMAN IS NO PUNK ROCKER) has a lot of POWER and this is all very overpowering. Anita is aiming a gun at her, because of course she brought a gun into her bath. Then two men arrive to hold her back, getting a good stare at Anita’s naked body. The woman is ‘Roxanne’, and she is told Anita will surely kill her.

Roxanne still goes into the room. I like Roxanne.

Anita fires at her head. The bullet buries itself into the wall, because Anita doesn’t give a shit about damaging Marianne’s home.

I kept my eyes on Roxanne. She had stopped moving. I had the barrel of the gun sighted in the middle of that pretty face. It took a second or two of staring to realize that under all the tattoos, the funky hair, and the power, she was pretty. It was a traditional, girl-next-door pretty. Maybe it was the reasons for the tattoo and the hair. When nature makes you wholesome, there are ways to cheat.

Are you saying that I dye my hair, got my nose pierced, got a tattoo, because I hate the fact that I just look sort of…. generic and that is bad? That I’m not naturally ‘exotic’ and super wonderful like Anita?

I am actually so angry that… I am just so angry. For all the darkity dark goffic crap of this series, this…. this is just…. I just feel such waves of resentment coming off it.

Plus, fuck off Hamilton, punk women are gorgeous. Fuck your face.

Roxanne is surprised that Anita would really kill her. Anita says she didn’t because Roxanne’s lupa for Verne’s pack and this would cause a lot problems. So, basically, Anita would like to kill her if she wasn’t going to get into immediate trouble for it.

What a nice woman.

Marianne hurries in to drag Roxanne for tea, before Anita goes mental and decides to shoot Roxanne anyway. Cherry offers to stand watch outside the door.

Was Roxanne a bad guy or just a psycho? I was betting on the latter.

Roxanne isn’t the one…. fuck it. Anita, you haven’t got any right in calling someone else a ‘psycho’. You are entirely psychotic.


7 thoughts on “A review of Laurell K. Hamilton’s ‘Blue Moon’ chapter thirty nine

  1. We interrupt what passes for plot here to showcase some first class whining and slutshaming. This is a fascinating example of the internalized misogyny common in many ‘strong independent women’. Examine the ways in which our protagonist declares her surroundings and companions to be inferior. Truly, the Anita Blake is a rare, if disgusting, specimen.

  2. Point of fact: it actually *is* called a jean jacket, back in the day. Not that I enjoy giving LKH any sort of points in her favour, but in the 80’s (you know, that decade she insists is still around [not that I entirely blame her, I wish some of it was too]), they were jean jackets. Nowadays, people are more specific, but I still hear them being called “jean” instead of “denim.”

  3. … So the werewolf punk girl (punkwolf) was aware Anita could kill her, and still chose to introduce herself by breaking the door down becaaaaaaaause…?

    Though to be fair, she seems to have done all this specifically to show up, have her wardrobe judged, and leave. Maybe Anita should give up hunting and become a reality show fashion judge. They always have room for someone who loves horrifyingly tacky outfits.

  4. “Anita is aiming a gun at her, because of course she brought a gun into her bath.”

    I’m starting to think that she’s always armed, even when when she’s just hanging around her house.

  5. Besides the slutshaming and general judgemental-ness, I’m failing to feel sorry for Roxanne. Who… broke down the door on someone who was IN THE BATH knowing FULL WELL that the person would KILL HER. Is EVERYONE in this series a complete MORON?

    Although Marianne scurrying in to get her for tea just made me think of Ms. Hudson or Watson trying to work people away from Sherlock when he’s at his worst. And that made me smile a bit to myself.

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