A review of Laurell K. Hamilton’s ‘Blue Moon’ chapter thirty seven

Marianne takes Anita into a bedroom where she’s settled Nathanvile. He’s very injured, and this makes Anita panic. He must be in great pain if he hasn’t already flashed her today.

Yes, it’s often a measure of how unhappy a man is if they don’t commit a casual sex crime on a daily basis. I hate the AB universe.

Marianne talks about how much she loves having her hair brushed by other people. Personally, I can’t stand it. I have very thick hair (it takes about an hour and a half to thin. I have double appointments at my hairdressers.) and a mother who has a very… robust attitude to tackling tangles, shall we say. Someone else brushing my hair makes me instantly recoil and flinch. Marianne’s big magic idea is for Anita to brush Nathaniel’s hair for him. Because when your back is lying in tatters, having someone brush your hair for you is going to be your number one priority.

“Part of what makes you vulnerable to Raina is your own squeamishness.”

“I’m not squeamish.”

“Prudishness, then,” she said.

In what universe does ‘I don’t want to brush his hair’ mean that someone is prudish? The hell?

Anita takes umbridge at being called prudish, as is the norm with her. Marianne clarifies that she must be prudish as ‘every time one of the lycanthropes disrobes, you get embarrassed’. Um, you know what, it’s okay to be embarrassed when someone randomly decides to disrobe in front of you. If something makes you feel uncomfortable, then it is not healthy to force yourself into doing it anyway. But LKH has to force Anita into sexual situations, otherwise Anita won’t be all innocent and humble like a nice little Mary Sue.

“Every time one of them touches you, you take it sexually.”

If Anita was such a big ol’ prude like you say she is, then why does she take everything to be sexual then? That says to me that she’s obsessed by sex, not a prude. This is all ignoring that prude has a lot of negative connotations towards women. If you feel comfortable being prudish, then be who you are comfortable with being. There’s little to gain in spending a life in unhappiness.

Then Marianne squats and makes a big mess over all this. You see, with Anita being a ‘prude’, Raina gains control, and she’s not properly interacting with the pack/pard/horsey show. Here’s how Anita should be.

“It is like building your relationship with a newborn baby. Every touch, every time you feed him when he’s hungry, change him when he’s went, comfort him when he’s frightened – the everyday intimacies forge a bond between you. True parenthood is built over years of interdependancy. The bond between the pack is built much the same way.”

Yes, treat the men who want to have sex as if they are your newborn child. That’s not…. intensely creepy.

Marianne says that if Anita controls Raina’s ghost, she will be able to heal Nathanvile. Who CAN HEAL ON HIS OWN anyway, without creepy sex ghosts. Marianne also shoots herself in the foot. You know how she was stressing that being around the pack was soooo not sexual, she then says this.

“I believe that if you sensitize yourself to the more casual sexual situations, that Raina will have less of a hold on you.”

You said on the previous page that pack relations are totally not sexual in any way!

Marianne says that when Anita feels uncomfortable this makes Raina come, and she should brush Nathaniel’s hair because he’s going to get stitches without a pain killer as a leopard’s metabolism is faster than a human’s……

wait. That’s crap. The larger an animal is, the slower the metabolism it has. Leopards are reasonably large, so a painkiller should last throughout a procedure. And this is ignoring the fact that Nathanvile is a human right now. It would not make sense for him to have a faster metabolism as a human. He shows no signs of having a faster metabolism. In fact, he hasn’t eaten once this whole trip. This was all just junk so that Anita has to – gasp – brush a pretty boy’s hair.

Marianne pushes the hair brush into Anita’s hands, waffles off some generic talk about healing, and goes off. Anita stares down at Nathanvile and thinks about how great his body looks. Not what I’d be thinking about if someone I cared about had been shredded into tiny pieces for defending me. Anita crawls onto the bed, and explains how she’s not upset with him….. which she never gave the impression of.

“You like Marianne, but you resent her,” he said.

That made me blink a couple of times and stare at him. He was right, and it was more perceptive than I’d ever expected from Nathaniel.

I never knew the definition of perceptive was ‘pointing out the fucking obvious’.

Anita then decides to brush his hair. Oh, boy, when I want to read supernatural thrillers, this is what I expect to find. Long scenes of hair brushing that are on a collision course with Nowhere. Anita asks Nathanvile to talk, but says he can’t talk about porn, S&M or sex. He says he doesn’t have anything else to talk about. Nathanvile won’t talk about himself, but as things get awkward, Dolph calls.

Great. I guess this chapter doesn’t have a maximum limit on idiots.

Dolph has conveniently found that Niley, while being an art dealer who specialises in mystical artefacts (though that would NOT make him an art dealer), he’s also way evil and likes murdering people for no good reason. He also confirms that Linus is way evil, because we needed further confirmation after the human sacrifice he did. Cops hate Niley all over the country, and have sent lots of info to Dolph, who can’t do anything with crimes that are not in his jurisdiction. Dolph warns Anita that Niley is, like, way evil. Over. And over. I feel like I’m drowning in accumulated evil. He also encourages her to kill him, because he’s an upstanding police officer.

Anita then panics because she’s not pure enough to go fighting against demons. Hon, you don’t need to be pure and spring fresh to fight with demons.

Thanks Dean. You yell at this wannabe demon hunter.

I was not in the mood to find out how far from grace I’d actually fallen.


I’m going to listen to Iggy Pop and be happy.


7 thoughts on “A review of Laurell K. Hamilton’s ‘Blue Moon’ chapter thirty seven

  1. I always took the hair brushing thing to be something that was meant to calm Nathaniel. Me, I have very thin hair (but a lot of it) and brushing it is more kind of….personal. No one touches my head (or, well, me), so when I was a kid, having my hair brushed by my mom was akin to putting me to sleep. But, as usual, LKH makes it sound like something sexualized instead of simply calming.

  2. My older brother once had hair down to his waist. And do you know what we learned from that? Long hair is a bitch to look after. And if you brush it from the roots like most people so with normal length hair, you force the tangles down, and it knots badly. There is a skill in brushing really long hair. The only way this is going to distract Nathaniel is if it keeps him occupied with thinking about how he’s going to fix the mess she’s made. And why is his hair down, anyway? If his back is injured, the priority should be getting all that hair up and off his back, tied up, pinned out of the way, whatever it takes so there are no stray hairs to heal inside the wounds, if he had super-fast healing. It being neat should be secondary to it not interfering.

    This chapter seemed to be a disturbing mix of ‘these things which you find sexual aren’t sexual’, ‘these things are sexual and you should get used to them’, ‘these sexual things are creating a bond like a mother-child bond’ and ‘everything therianthropes do is at once innocent and childlike, and deeply sexualised’. And that last line makes it sound as though all therianthropes adopt behaviour patterns more commonly found in child prostitutes. Thanks for that, LKH.

  3. Just chop the damn hair off and fix his back. Y’know, the important part? The actual WOUND? That has his long-ass hair all in it getting bloody and infected?

    … Or better, when you cut off his hair, take the whole head and solve both problems at once.



  5. Quiet scenes like this in a well-paced story can be extremely poignant and very revealing about a character–ie one of my own MCs (sorry to toot my own horn, but it’s 2 am and my brain has failed to conjure examples) who moves past her aversion to affection to physically comfort a badly injured friend by stroking his hair– but LKH is a pod person and can’t write for shit. I can appreciate the idea here, but the creepy overtones are just…Urgh. WRITE MORE BETTER. Bless your fortitude Dottie.

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