A review of Laurell K. Hamilton’s ‘Blue Moon’ chapter thirty

A warning: going back to a no internet zone tomorrow, so updates may be intermittent until after Christmas. Which is a shame to leave this… thisness behind.

Anita leaves Dolph a message and ponders Frank Niley. She gets dressed and complains about wearing a holster.

Since I didn’t bother with makeup, it was a quick shower.

Um, what?

Do you mean that your shower can be quick, because you don’t have to do make-up, which would mean that you could take longer in the shower? Do you mean that you would wash off your make-up from the night before, although you should have done that last night? Or are you saying that normally you put on your make-up in the shower? How is it that LKH cannot make normal things seem realistic?

Outside of the shower door – hang on, why did she have a shower in her clothes? Or did she dress and then go in the shower? Why would you do that? But anyway, in the bedroom, Richard, Verne, and Nathaniel are having an argument. Nathaniel it seems has a very high voice and is saying that ‘I didn’t know what else to do’. Anita gets dressed again, and shoves her gun into the crotch of her jeans. Yeah, that’s totally safe.

The argument seems to be about how Anita’s team totally failed at warning them that the police were going to arrive.

“I suck as a bodyguard,” he said.

This was sort of true, but I didn’t want to say it to his face. There really wasn’t much he could have done.

He could have woken you up so that you could run away from the police. Sorry, we’re not allowed to be mean to Nathaniel, are we? Shang-Da says that the police wouldn’t have gotten past him without Anita’s permission, as killing the police would have been an absolutely brilliant idea. This means that Nathaniel has to get a hug, otherwise he’ll think too badly of himself.

Verne sat in the big chair by the window. Except for the T-shirt being different, he was dressed as I’d first seen him. Maybe that was all he had. Jeans and an endless supply of different T-shirts.

You know, some people just like to wear jeans, t-shirts, and jumpers. (well, obviously including socks and pants and stuff). They don’t like wearing leather suits and stripper gear. But I think this is supposed to make Verne look bad compared to the glory of Richard, as Verne is a big old meanie whose pack killed Terry despite what Anita ordered them to do. Even though Anita has nothing to do with their pack and should not assume any authority over them. Anita gave her word, and this overrides everything else, even things that aren’t much to do with her.

Look, I may not approve of casual, unnecessary deaths but I understand why Verne ordered it done. Terry presented a risk to all those in his pack, and he had to keep them safe. But Verne has to say sorry and promise Anita a big favour as everyone is wrong who isn’t Anita.

He then has to say something about her height.

“God, she is a tiny thing.”


No. No she isn’t. Queen Victoria was a tiny thing, as she was only five foot. Katherine of Aragon was about four foot eight. She was especially tiny, as her husband was over six foot three. And saying that, I notice that she wasn’t smothered by the missionary position. So a delayed HAH.

Anita has to kiss the big pulse in Verne’s neck (wow, much precision) and this takes a page of dithering.

My mouth hovered over the pulsing warmth. I was drowning in the smell of his body. The need to place my mouth over that pulsing, living thing was almost overwhelming. I didn’t trust myself to do it, or rather, didn’t trust myself not to do too much. Did Richard go through life tasting other people’s blood? Could he feel their life like something fragile and touchable?

You’re just kissing a guy’s neck. It’s no big deal. Get over it.

She bites his neck very hard, which is a sign that she doesn’t trust him at all. But suddenly POWER AND JC AND POWER and she has to be pulled away from Verne as she tears open his neck. Richard explains that the two of them being close to each other has strengthened the marks, something JC should probably have mentioned before she ran off to help Richard.

“Are you saying that us having sex strengthened his hold on the both of us?”

Richard seemed to think about that for a second or two. “It strengthened our hold on each other.”


Anita is justifiably upset that this has happened and Richard didn’t warn her, but he doesn’t consider her opinions very important. But Anita’s high on POWER so… yeah. That means something. She thinks about how the more she has to to with JC, the more close to the ‘darkness’ she gets and… yeah, I can’t pretend this is interesting or original. It’s as dull as rocks.

Let’s all talk about The Hobbit instead. Soooo…. thoughts? I thought it needed more angry smelting.


5 thoughts on “A review of Laurell K. Hamilton’s ‘Blue Moon’ chapter thirty

  1. I’m realizing how why Obsidian Butterfly is considered the best in the series, with the downfall sharply afterward: no Richard, no Jean-Claude, practically no vampire or were politics at all.

  2. “Anita gets dressed again, and shoves her gun into the crotch of her jeans”
    Not even pretending it isn’t a phallus substitute anymore

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