A review of Laurell K. Hamilton’s ‘Blue Moon’ chapter twenty six

Anita screams out for a doctor, and all the werewolves suddenly appear en masse.

Shapes appeared out of the darkness. They looked like people, but I knew it was a lie. Werewolves – I was eyeball deep in werewolves.


I am fucking fed up of this stuff, so now I’m going to tag it as ‘YES, YOU’RE RACIST’. In a world where werewolves and shapeshifters exist, calling them sub-human – as Anita does and continues to – would be fucking racist.

Anyway, a guy with a brown leather bag and stethoscope just appears and starts to deal with Jamil. Apparently, all packs have a doctor for those medical emergencies where they can just regenerate and heal themselves. ‘Cos that’s what’s happening. There’s no tension, Anita just has to remove the shirt she was using to stem the flow of blood, otherwise his flesh will heal around it. I… uh, I think that’s sort of half realistic. There are plenty of people who have alien objects embedded in their skin, but your skin, when healing, will actively try to push objects out. But if it was healing super fast it might not bother.

The guy who had his arm ripped off is alive, so that’s good. Jason is fine; he’s being tended to by Lucy, and Anita casually insults her. Jason demands to lick Anita’s blood, as it will help him heal. This is confirmed by Verne and Lucy, so Anita slides two fingers into Jason’s mouth and it all becomes a SYMBOLISM moment.

Richard spilled into the clearing, going to his knees in the leaves.

And that’s useful for the situation how?

Anita and Richard feel the effects of the tri-force. Lucy seems to feel it too, and Anita stares at her tits. Lucy confirms that Anita is indeed the brightest and most special snowflake for Richard really wants her.

Moving past this, Cherry reveals that everything went wrong because the third of the pack, Eric, refused to take their request to help to Verne. Zane then interrupts to demand some of Anita’s blood which makes Richard angry, as he has forgotten that Anita rules over the wereleopards. Well, he hasn’t, he’s just being a knob.

[Zane] sucked on them like a hungry child licking the last bit of cake from a spoon.

Licking =/= sucking. Surely, one as darkity dark and sexually enlightened as Anita should know the difference between licking and sucking? If she doesn’t, then JC’s skills are less than have been advertised.

Anita starts to feel a bit possessed by werewolf ghosts, and Jason and Zane go full throttle on their licking. The rifleman is woken up, and Anita demands that he is brought over to her. This demand makes the werewolf ghosts go POWER and touch everyone.

They dragged the rifleman over to me. I knew what I looked like. I was wearing a black underwire bra that hid more than most bathing suits, but it was still a bra.

When did she loose her shirt? I don’t even remember that happening! Or is she just taking the chance to talk about her underwear.

The rifleman is put in front of her, and is very scared. He’s called Terry Fletcher, and he was going to get payback for ‘making us look bad’, a motivation that appears to have been written by a child. It’s a lie anyway, as he was paid to kill them. Anita demands to know who did it and Raina pops up in her psyche for a while.

“Talk to me, Terry. Once I start fucking one of them, I really don’t want to be interrupted.” I leaned towards him just a little, and he flinched.

This actually half works for me. Even if the threat is that ‘I’m going to have sex with one of these men and you can’t do a thing to stop me!’ which isn’t really a threat at all.

Even now, his eyes kept flicking to my breasts so white against the blackness of the lingerie. Even now, he was still a man. I felt Raina’s utter disdain of men. All that sex, and it was mostly hate. How terribly odd.

… I can’t be the only one who read that as ‘Raina was a lesbian and was sexually assaulted in her life’, can I? And was forced into fulfilling this sexy sadist kitten role by the confines of the patriarchal pack structure? Did I just read something that made me feel this great wealth of sadness for Raina? While Anita was trying to degrade her?

Damn LKH. You’re a queen of alternate interpretations that you don’t mean to put in the text because you don’t think readers should examine texts too closely.

Anita scares Terry by being SEXY and uh, SEXY, and he reveals that he was paid by Frank Niley (random guy from beginning of the novel) to take out Anita before she ruins his ‘deal’. The deal is presumably for Greene’s troll filled land. Anita gets closer to Terry and hovers before him as if to kiss him – this is a side effect of possession by werewolf ghosts. She is struggling to tear his throat out. She sends him off to the hospital with the caveat that if Niley knows that they know, she’ll kill him.

The werewolf ghosts then get very powerful and Anita flails around a bit. She is picked up by Marianne, who advises that Anita best give Raina what she wants. Seeing as Raina was into torture and rape, this seems to be shaping into ‘let’s force Anita into sexual situations that she doesn’t want to be in!’. Eugh.

Marianne lets her go off and flail around, randomly inflicting pain on people, before Anita settles on humping Jason. She froths with POWER and she snaps back to her self. She asks Jason to get off her.

“If I said it was too late to stop, would you believe me?”

Fuck off with your rapey comments, Jason.

Zane then steps forward.

I never really thought of Zane as a guy, not like that.

‘I never noticed that my male friend was male!’

Anita leaps on him, biting his arm, pushing POWER into his body and healing him. She pulls away, and then kisses POWER into Jamil’s body to heal him. She breaks off, and flails around some more. Marianne demands that she give into Raina, and let something horrific happen.

After everyone crowds around her flailing body, Anita is given her knives back, as giving someone possessed by violent ghosts weapons is a super clever idea. She then propositions Jason for sex, and then jumps on Richard, who suddenly has no interest in her.

“Is she not good enough for you either?” It was Lucy striding towards us. Her impressive breasts strained against the white material of her halter top. Either she had very large nipples or she was cold, because the outline of her nipples was clear, even in the dim light.

Lucy, Anita is possessed and is therefore unable of consenting. Don’t start questioning why Richard doesn’t want to have sex with her right now.

The interjection of Lucy’s makes Anita remember how Richard betrayed her (ahahahahahahaahno) and she uses this chance to lunge at him with a knife. She hacks at his chest for a bit, saying how this is Raina’s work as work, she feels betrayed by Richard too, but seeing as this isn’t even the first time in this book she has attacked someone with a knife when she was mildly annoyed by them I can’t say Raina has anything to do with this. She then chants some kind of ritual thing that sends POWER into the air.

This sends the werewolf ghosts into some kind of frenzy, and Anita screams out that Richard must claim her. This means that she has declared herself Frejya, which… I don’t know what that means. I have no idea what that means, other than ‘spell that makes you more into Rambo’. But apparently this means that all the male werewolves are going to chase after her and attempt to rape her.


I knew there was going to be something to force Anita into having sex at some point, because LKH is such a prude she seems to have problems with people just having sex because they like it and it’s nice. But a spell that leads to gang rape?

Nope. So much nope.


3 thoughts on “A review of Laurell K. Hamilton’s ‘Blue Moon’ chapter twenty six

  1. I feel like that statement is more Raina is just disgusted with men and… uses sex to punish them. The ultimate sadist who doesn’t even pretend when being a dominatrix. And now I kind of wish that was Raina in real life. Minus the rapey bits.

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