A review of Laurell K. Hamilton’s ‘Blue Moon’ chapter twenty two

“Would you believe I slipped?” Jason asked.

No one would believe that you slipped. Because no one would mistake a naked man physically pinning down a woman for someone who had just an unfortunate bathroom accident. But this has completely erased Jason’s trauma and his panic attack, as he now finds this all entirely hilarious. Yeah. That’s how people work. They are like a machine; one minute, they’re in the midst of a panic attack, then you put in the coin and press the button for ‘snarky wit’.

Richard demands Jason leave.

Jason offered me his hand. I almost never let a man help me stand, sit, or do much of anything.

Before I make some filthy jokes about what JC is and is not allowed to help Anita with (hur hurr hurrr), can we have a silent moment for that ridiculous straw-feminist statement which bears no reality to any kind of feminist thought.

Jason leaves, and Richard is POWERfully furious. He is convinced Jason and Anita are sleeping together, which is a special kind of evil, as this means that Anita will not sleep with Richard. He is convinced of his right to control those who may sleep with Anita, which is a shitty world view no matter how hurt he is and makes me want to punt him across a football field by his scrotum.

Anita tells him rather snottily that she turned him down because it was the right thing to do, and quite rightly. I may detest Anita Blake with every fibre of my being, but I would never think it’s okay for her sexual agency to be subject to what anyone else wants her to do.

Richard threatens to tell JC what he thinks is going on, knowing full well that Jason would be killed for it. Anita calls him on this, and he flinches, like the piece of shit he is. She questions whether he really thinks she’s sleeping with Jason, and he seems to think that she is.

“Jesus, Richard, just because you’re jumping everything in sight doesn’t mean I am.”

Zing! Richard needs a slap. His sleeping around got a young woman killed.

Richard tries to counter her point by saying she would assume the same thing if the situation was switched – Anita finding him naked on top of another woman – but seeing as Richard is sleeping with every woman in the immediate area, the comparison falls short.

… hang on, didn’t all of Verne’s wolves die, bar Verne and AN.Other? Did all the women die in one fell swoop?

Richard then suggests that Anita shoots Jason, as she always used to threaten too, because he’s an awful human being. There is then a moment of wonderful POWER between them. Anita notes that she is jealous of the women he sleeps with, and that it is ‘ironic’ that he feels the same jealousy.

That’s really not irony.


One thought on “A review of Laurell K. Hamilton’s ‘Blue Moon’ chapter twenty two

  1. Wow. I can actually get behind Anita in this scene. She is actually making sense. I think my brain just imploded from shock.

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