A review of Laurell K. Hamilton’s ‘Blue Moon’ chapter twenty one

Anita has a shower and reminds us all of how icky rotting flesh is, something which I think few of us needed to be reminded of. She phones JC, so that Monsieur Twatwaffle can know what has happened. He doesn’t believe that Colin could have been so stupid, meaning that momentarily he and I are thinking alike.

“I told Colin what would happen if he messed with us. He pushed the button, not me.”

“Who are you trying to convince, ma petite, me or yourself?”

I thought about that for a moment. “I don’t know.”

“Are you admitting you were wrong?” His voice held mild amusement.

A lot of people died in horrible ways because of Anita’s actions. Please, don’t be amused by that JC.

Anita then complains about eugh, it’s so awful that people need you and you feel like you have to need people.

I hated needing people. They all had a tendency to die on me.

You father didn’t die. Your boyfriend isn’t dead. Your friends aren’t dead. Your boss isn’t dead. Your elderly ex-neighbour isn’t dead. Your best friend isn’t dead. The people who have died in your life have been your mother when you were eight (which is tough going, but she didn’t die and leave you in the care system, you had a family to look after you), an aunt (who had nothing to do with your life), and Phillip (who you hated and judged until he died).

Stop acting so hurt and wounded, Anita. Not when you mowed down thirty vampires just an hour ago.

Asher strokes her by saying how fragile she is which… yeah, she is an incredibly fragile person. Her entire self esteem is bound up in being seen as tuff and sexually attractive. Take that away, and she crumbles. Which is kinda tragic.

Damian breaks into the moment to say that Jason is having a breakdown in the shower.

I sighed. Great, just what I need, another crisis.

Normally when my friends are having breakdowns I can’t help but be utterly destroyed that someone I care for has been brought so low. Obviously, I am a terrible friend in comparison.

Anita goes through and does nothing but internally complain about how awful it is to have to comfort another human being. Well, she contemplates sending someone else in. The men are all dismissed for being too macho, but Cherry? It’d be cowardly to send another woman in. But not the men. Which says something. I’m not sure what, but I don’t like it.

She becomes rapidly worried as Jason refuses to tease her as she enters the bathroom. Well, he’s having a mental breakdown. When that happens, most of us don’t like to crack jokes. Jason is sat in the shower crying as he can’t get the rot off him. Anita makes snide remarks and is generally unhelpful. Jason tries to explain how he’s so afraid of rotting vampires, and that his fear is ruining his life and his mind.

There is then a page where Anita explains at length how Jason was traumatised and how she thinks about it, but there’s something missing. Like that time in the last book where Anita physically held Jason down so he could get raped by another rotting vampire. Although, seeing as she has to comfort him, I’m guessing that’s why we’re not bringing that up.

Except I will, ‘cos I ain’t gonna forget that happened.

It had haunted my dreams for a while just witnessing it.

Christ. Of course, we have to remember HOW PRECIOUS ANITA IS and HOW SPECIAL SHE IS. Not think about Jason, who probably has a stress disorder from all of this.

Anita gripes about taking off her wrist sheaths, and saying how it’s a sign of how ‘paranoid’ she is that she’s wearing them. Which is bullshit, as she wears them to bed every night.

The heat from the water as I reached for the knob was almost frightening. Years of being told, don’t touch, hot.

It’s amazing how LKH entirely fails at sounding like a human being.

I knew that fire killed wereanimals, but apparently heat didn’t.

Well, I would logically assume that hot water would kill a werewolf. Hot water does share many similarities with fire, after all.

Jason begs to not be put through anything like… all of it again, but seeing as he’s talking to a woman who held him down to be raped, I doubt his begging is going to do much. Anita washes him clear of the rotter ooze, making complaints the whole while about ‘EW. NAKED MAN’.

Grow up. Your friend is in need. Realise you have a pair of ovaries, and harden the fuck up.

Jason says that he can’t leave, as JC wouldn’t like it, and would probably find an ‘appropriate’ means to punish him. Anita is close to him, and likens the whole experience to a science experiment. I mean, who doesn’t compare to trying to help a friend in need to cutting out the brain of a frog? That’s normal, right?

Jason breaks from his breakdown to note that Anita smells like Cherry’s ‘base’ makeup, which I think is the same as foundation. This is a great Shit on Cherry Moment.

“I don’t own any base so she put some of hers on me earlier. She wears base that is way too pale for her, so it works for me. I thought I got it all off.”

Anita is soooooo pale and her skin is soooooooo flawlessly perf. Bleurgh.

Jason presses against her closer, and Anita seems to get a wee bit turned on. This relieves her, because surely, this means Jason is back to normal! So then Jason wraps his arms around her waist, pushes her to the floor, and pins her down, ready to assault her.


Well, I can’t be too critical of the moment to be honest. Jason is very traumatised. If this was in the hands of a skilled author, then this would be a truly tragic moment. Jason has spoken of how he can’t ‘get it off me’. He has been repeatedly raped, and in one instance, was held down by a friend who had the power to help him. By assaulting Anita, he is reclaiming his identity as the dominant male, not the victim, and can punish her for what she did. This attack, with a woman he has always seemed to like, can be claimed as a consensual act, which can erase the trauma which has been wrought on him before. It is a moment no one can get away from, as the trauma of these events spreads and spreads in this incestuous circle and no one seeks to better themselves or prevent what is happening.

But nope, this is LKH, so it’s WACKY SITCOM ANTICS. Anita jokes about how she’d totes kill him, and Jason jokes about stealing kisses and trying for something more! And then Richard comes in and finds them!

Next week, Anita has to balance hiding a zombie in the house while her boss comes over for a very important dinner! And JC finds himself with an abandoned ferret! And this ending will always be stupid and contrived, because it in no way meets the tone and genre of this book!

So, I guess Blue Moon suddenly and violently went back to the rape theme, but not in any good ways. If there are any good ways of having a ‘rape theme’.


9 thoughts on “A review of Laurell K. Hamilton’s ‘Blue Moon’ chapter twenty one

    • In Burnt Offerings, yup. When Yvette demanded she assault Jason, Anita thought it was a sacrifice worth making. She lead him to her, and held him down for her.

      No matter what happens, her character can never be forgiven for that.

  1. If JC is any kind of leader, he would know that Colin had rotting vamps, as he doesn’t seem to be hiding them. So he sent his Pomme de Sang, who is meant to be super-special, to a place where he knew that he would probably run into his worst fear. It’s not like Jason was remotely necessary in the ‘get Richard out of jail’ scheme. JC is the worst boss ever.

    • If Colin killed JC’s potato man, then that’s grounds for him killing Colin. Which I guess makes it a strategic choice. A terrible strategic choice. JC is indeed the worst boss ever.

  2. “I hated needing people. They all had a tendency to die on me.”

    Anita, your author has fully admitted that she will *never* kill anyone you like. That’s the kind of line I’d expect from someone who’s been fighting monsters and losing friends for decades, which you haven’t. God, the Winchesters have gone through stuff ten times worse crap than you and aren’t nearly as jaded.

    “Anita gripes about taking off her wrist sheaths, and saying how it’s a sign of how ‘paranoid’ she is that she’s wearing them. Which is bullshit, as she wears them to bed every night.”

    I’m not seeing a contradiction here – Anita’s *always* been a crazy, paranoid psycho. Last book I got the impression that she thinks you need a gun to answer a door.

    On a more serious note: Anita is clearly a freakin’ psychopath. My god, woman, your supposed “friend” is clearly traumatized, and all you can think about is how it inconveniences *you*. Good god, woman, Dexter Morgan is more empathetic than you.

    • Yep, pretty much. Anita is less empathetic than the serial killer. Which is far enough, because Dexter’s emotional journey seemed to suggest he was just emotionally repressed and was not actually a psychopath. Unlike Anita. Whose emotional journey just keeps getting worse and worse.

  3. …Oh, ye gods and little bow-ties. Anita…is a sex-crazed, rule 63 Eric Cartman without the charm! I mean, think about it…both are manipulative, cruel, completely self-absorbed, hedonistic sociopaths with a very vocal hatred of a religion or practice (and will tell everyone within earshot about how much they hate this particular religion or practice), both are diminutive, whiny, and have parental issues out the wazoo, both have unrealistic and unhealthy access to firearms, and – most of all – both want everyone around them to RESPECT THEIR AUTHORITAH (sic).

    I mean…ye gods and little fezzes! Again!

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