A review of Laurell K. Hamilton’s ‘Blue Moon’ chapter fourteen

oh no damian is rotting it’s really bad and anita can’t do anything because those healing powers she gets as a necromancer that asher – despite being on the vampire council – suddenly doesn’t know anything about necromancy ahhhhhhhhhhhh

I cannot even begin to describe how little tension there is in this chapter. As a reader, who goes into this not knowing what is going to happen and not having read the book before, LKH has told me that characters are not going to die. She has flat out said that is too hard for her to do. So I read this, and I can’t get involved because the writer has flat out told me there is no point in being invested. Anita likes Damian, so he isn’t going to die. It’s as simple and boring as that.

Anita just keeps blathering on about how Damien is totally going to die and how she can’t totally heal him and zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz…..

The skin was soft as if, if I pressed too hard the skin would give way like a rotten spot in an apple.

She also keeps using fruit analogies. I like fruit, so I am not happy to associate it with rotting flesh.

Damian has to take blood from someone very powerful (i wonder who) to be cured. there is a lot of power and talk of how poetic everything is, but yeah, Damian is cured pretty quickly. Everyone is then covered with rotter goo and must wash.

“Showers sound great,” I said. “You first.”

“May I suggest that you go first. A hot shower is a wonderful luxury, but for Damian and me it is a luxury, not a necessity.”

Because France doesn’t have showers? (As that is Asher, and he has been in France with the vampire council). Stop being redundant.

Anita goes through, starts trying to change, and Asher starts to bother her some more. He says they’re going to have to meet Colin, but that they simply absolutely must not kill him. Colin was seeing how powerful they were by making Nathaniel rot, as it’s forbidden to eat another vampire’s potato man. If they attack Colin, then the Vampire Council will try and kill them for it.

Nathaniel reveals Colin is pissed because they haven’t left town and he knows this because he was tricked into having sex with a werewolf called Mira and all of Colin’s crew jumped on him when he was finished. And it’s rather priceless.

“There was no fight. I was already chained down.”

I frowned. “Why?”

He let out a long sigh. “Anita, Anita, God.” He put one arm across his eyes.


Zane came to the rescue, sort of. “You know that Nathaniel is a submissive?”

I nodded. “I know he likes to be tied up and…” The light dawned. “Oh, okay. I get it. Mira invited you home for some S and M sex.”

Light bondage is not anywhere near sadomasochism, Anita. I’m hardly in the scene, but an idiot can tell them apart. I don’t know why everyone is making a big deal about a little light bondage. It’s very normal. But nope, being into bondage means that it defines absolutely every part of Nathaniel’s personality and how he is and ever will be ever.

“The sex had been good. She was a good top.”

“Top?” I asked.

“Dominant,” Zane said.

‘Language rarely used in this context but more likely to be used referring to male gay couples,’ I said.

Now, that is slightly unfair of me as I have said – I am not involved in the scene. However, I do read and research for things like this. ‘Top’ and ‘bottom’ are not necessarily terms which are interchangeable with dominant and submissive; they are part of a separate subset. They can be used for the sort of scene which Nathaniel was involved with but from what I have been researching – and if this is wrong, correct me, and I will change this all – but not really. ‘Top’ and ‘bottom’ when used to refer to human sexuality normally refer to who is doing a penetrative act; hence why those terms are far more likely to be heard within a male homosexual context. Although they are not the only terms, and this is all just a loose talk of subsets that have infinite complexities that I am not attuned to.

What I’m saying, basically, is that LKH seems to have based this on what she thinks the scene is like, not necessarily what is happening in reality. Or, at least, the reality which I have been researching which may be a false reality.

tl;dr i have only heard ‘top’ and ‘bottom’ when talking about gay couples, not any BDSM context (but they can do)

anyway, this has all been too difficult for nathaniel who just seems to drop asleep. Then they all begin to talk about how JC brought them all clothes to wear as his own little dress up dolls as he is a controlling asshole.

Anita complains about it, as apparently she is unable to have any say over her life.


10 thoughts on “A review of Laurell K. Hamilton’s ‘Blue Moon’ chapter fourteen

  1. I have seen Anita heal Damian from a supposed-to-be-fatal stab wound. Why should I be worried about him now? LKH has clearly made the reader believe Damian could die by having people close to her die before…oh wait, that never happened. Or the time when someone close to her was permanently disabled by an injury…no, that never happened either. My bad.

  2. Top and bottom don’t nessasarily have anything to do with penetration. It’s more… who’s doing what. Usually a top is doing something to the bottom, such as caning them. Dominant and top are NOT interchangeable, though, because dominant and sadistic are mindsets. I’ve played with dominant bottoms before.

  3. Dominant and top, and submissive and bottom, have nothing to do with each other. I have seen people in the scene use them interchangeably very, very occasionally, because everyone has different terminology for things, but this one is REALLY rare. Probably because using them interchangeably makes quite a few people (including me) kermitflail.

    You can trust that if LKH brings up anything about BDSM, she gets it wrong. Though I guess you can trust that if LKH brings up anything about anything, she gets it wrong.

    • LKH gets basic human interactions wrong, so I always mistrust what she says.

      But thanks for the info! My research can only go so far (but at least I *do* research) and it’s always great to read comments from people who know what they’re talking about.

  4. So, Nathaniel couldn’t keep it in his pants for a single day. In a place where he knows the local vampires are out to get them. Vampires with the ability to control peoples minds, especially those of wereanimals. Either LKH is stereotyping people who are into BDSM (because everyone knows they are uncontrollable sex maniacs) or Nathaniel is such a liability that he should never have come (not that any of them should have come).

    Also, if wereleopard metabolisms are so fast, don’t they risk easily starving to death? And shouldn’t Nathaniel be drinking lots of fluids (like orange juice) to help get his blood pressure back up?

  5. I love the fact that Anita – who only a few chapters ago proclaimed herself a total expert on all things sex-related after only a few months with JC – had to have Nathaniel getting nabbed after bondage sex explained to her in the simplest of terms. I swear, JC must be the most boring, unimaginative lover ever.

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