A review of Laurell K. Hamilton’s ‘Blue Moon’ chapter thirteen

A feeding takes longer in real life than it does in the movies. Either it’s too quick or they do a fade like a 1950s sex scene. We all stood around the room and watched.


Why are you watching? Is it vitally important that you watch?

Cherry is keeping an eye on Nathaniel to make sure he doesn’t die, but Jason and Anita aren’t doing anything helpful. Anita is squirming about how dreadful everything is and Jason is being Jason.

Jason came to stand beside me, leaning on the desk. “If I didn’t know his life was at stake, I’d be jealous.”

Jason, you don’t have to spill out every loathsome and stupid thought that drops into your head. Anita tries to work out whether he’s lying, but nopes, Jason is incredibly turned on by all of this. Jason is indeed that much of a dickwad that he is eager to let everyone know how he wants to get off at the sight of a man fighting for his life.

Damien has brought Nathaniel onto his lap, and is locked onto his neck, and as for Asher –

Asher’s face was buried in the man’s inner thigh, so close to the groin that Nathaniel’s slack genitalia touched the side of his face.


there are many ways to write that sentence so it didn’t sound quite so unappealing.

Asher moved his head slightly and a spill of golden hair flung over Nathaniel’s groin. It didn’t hide it so much as have him peeking out through.

…. is the ‘him’ referring to Nathaniel’s penis? If so, then just say penis. penis penis penis.

Anita can’t deal with this, which I find understandable. But she can’t deal with it because it makes her remember the humiliations of junior high where vampires fed on naked men like, all the time.

I was not fourteen anymore. I was not a child. I was not a virgin. I could do this with a modicum of grace. Couldn’t I?

It’s okay to be uncomfortable with things, Anita. It’s okay to say ‘I am not okay with this’ about some things.

Jamil and Zane are unhappy about all of this, but Jason continues to be a sparkling ray of sunshine. He’s very happy to be seeing this happen. Anita has a startling revelation – Jason might be g-a-y.

There is a very long talk skirting around but eventually coming to the fact that OHEMGEE Jason is bisexual. All of it needs to be surrounded by teenage girls giggling, because it doesn’t come off very well at all. LKH has to make Jason bisexual for sexy man times but also safe by still being interested in women. God forbid someone be interested in only men.

Cherry is surprised that Nathaniel appears to be getting better, despite knowing that this is all about drawing out the rotting and saving Nathaniel.

[Asher] moved the leg back onto the bed, straightening his limbs as if he were a sleeping child. A moment before, it had been utterly sexual; now there was something in the way Asher acted that was tender, careful.

Stop mixing sexualised imagery and adolescents. You keep doing that. I do not like that you keep doing that.

Cherry starts cleaning up Nathaniel’s wounds and surprise, surprise he’s going to be okay.

Then Damien starts to rot in front of them.


10 thoughts on “A review of Laurell K. Hamilton’s ‘Blue Moon’ chapter thirteen

  1. Wow, LKH sure knows how to suck all the tension out of a scene. Anita is Nathaniel’s leader, and she’s ordered two vampires sent as her bodyguards to risk their lives (unlives?) to save him. And her focus is on how uncomfortable seeing them feed makes her feel and how OMG, Jason is bisexual. Although she knew that he was JC’s super special food, and biting has been linked to sex repeatedly, so I don’t know why she’s surprised. But yeah. Priorities, Anita?

      • LKH’s anti-skill just annoys me so much. A wereleopard has been attacked by a vampire that has caused him to rot from the inside out. Vampires are attempting to suck out the infection at the risk of their own existence. How can it be this dull?

  2. I absolutely love how LKH portrays gays/bisexuals as so sex obsessed that the sight of a person naked, even writhing in pain with wounds weeping foul smelling green pus, turns them on. Ugh.

    • I dunno, my bisexual friends have always told me how super-hot they find rotting meat and infected wounds.

      No, wait, that was my serial killer friends! My bad.

  3. “It’s okay to be uncomfortable with things, Anita. It’s okay to say ‘I am not okay with this’ about some things.”

    What are you talking about? Don’t you know that only evil, vanilla prudes are ever uncomfortable about anything having to do with sex!

  4. It gets worse. Later in the series, you find out that like 98% of the men (including JC and Jason) aren’t actually bisexual but heteroflexable. Now, I am all for heteroflexable being a good and proper term in sexual preference, but the way LKH talks about it is disgusting, as if if bi people are ew gross.

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