A review of Laurell K. Hamilton’s ‘Blue Moon’ chapter twelve

I was too tired and ill to write today’s spork. So I filmed it instead!


[blip.tv http://blip.tv/play/AYOYt3cA.x?p=1 width=”960″ height=”568″]


12 thoughts on “A review of Laurell K. Hamilton’s ‘Blue Moon’ chapter twelve

  1. Thing is, I like Nathaniel as a character. His manipulative streak makes sense as an abused street kid, and I can also believe his incredible submissiveness is not the kinky BDSM thing Anita seems to see it as, but rather a conditioned response to extreme abuse. Later he just becomes a sick kind of pet, but right now I think he’s probably one of the more realistic characters, even if he’s not a very nice person.

    Reading it out loud really highlights what a braindead moron Anita really is. And I could get behind the lycanthropes a lot more if it was ‘the wolfy instincts are twisted by the human side, and we created the rituals to convince ourselves that we’re human, really, even as we satisfied the wolf’ and not ‘this is totally how real wolves behave’. Sometimes the ‘thropes are presented as identical to their animals, sometimes they’re completely human, and other times they’re this twisted, perverted godawful mess. Can we have some fucking consistency somewhere, LKH?

    • LKH laughs at your requests for consistency.

      Nathaniel makes my skin crawl, but I can understand how he can be likeable and realistic as a character. But he still makes my skin crawl.

      • At least he has an excuse for being creepy and manipulative. So I find him far less skincrawly than JC and Anita. I always feel vaguely unclean after JC’s bits. And a whole lot unclean after the bits about JC’s bits.


    – I love your manly Anita voice of manliness omg
    – “She beat them off, with no weapons!” lol dottie do u kno wut u sed
    – …ohhhh my god I forgot how awkward and stupid lyncathrope touching protection stuff is. and how you know LKH thought it up specifically so Anita has to TOUCH HAWT DOODS
    – Right, werewolves have existed openly forever but there are no books about them, let alone by them
    – As far as what Jamil’s problem is…I think it’s less “female leader” and more “our female leader is ANITA?!” cuz I know she would make me lose all my ability to be a grown up in like two seconds, especially since she already cut him for asking a question
    – Yeah, the Scary Black Man theme is strong here when one considers how she took out five guys his size earlier. Dave Chappelle has this great skit about how seeing a white woman out late in the bad part of town actually terrifies the black men who see her cuz “oh sh*t I hope nothing happens to her or I’m going to jail!”
    – “if it was Jason, I would have thought it was a ploy to steal a kiss, but Jamil didn’t play those kinds of games” In this setting, that means he is apparently one of the few people who care about consent. Also probably because he has better taste than being into Anita
    – now laughing about LIKE A FETUS
    – more than he can drink lol how clever NOT
    – “Nurse Cherry” there is no way she goes by that professionally
    -“maybe Cherry had been a girl scout in another life” or, um, a nurse.
    – WAIT IS SHE SUDDENLY LUSTING OVER ASHER WHILE NATHANIEL DIES yup she is. one of my friends says it would be hilarious if Nathaniel died while she was busy doing said lusting and I agree.

    • “I love your manly Anita voice of manliness omg” (RF)

      [scruffy] Second. [/scruffy]

      “”maybe Cherry had been a girl scout in another life” or, um, a nurse.” (RF)

      I had this exact same thought. My dad (also a medical professional) has a similar first aid kit.

      • Anita needed a truly tuff manly voice as she is not an icky woman.

        Having a first aid kit is just good common sense. I had one, until a former housemate stole it. It was a goof thing to have in a kitchen, cause you never know what might happen.

  3. Nice to confirm that Anita is still dumber than a sack of hammers.

    Also: “green and yellow puss”. Well, clearly something’s wrong – weird colored cats are coming out of his wounds. That just ain’t right.

    Minor correction: the Vikings did raid into France. I think they might have burned Paris at one point, but I’m not sure. More importantly, the king of France eventually gave them a nice big piece of land so they’d stop burning down villages and stuff – they eventually named it “Normandy”.

    • Yeah, Blip deleted all my stuff when I stopped posting during a depressive breakdown. I will re-record this chapter in the future… someday, when I find wherever I put my copy of Blue Moon!

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