Halo Recap

I haven’t been able to post Halo for a while, because I was using a library copy and had to take it back. (Also, I may have been recovering from stupidity poisoning from the first eighteen chapters) But I have acquired a new copy. And if Dottie can make it through a scary amount of Anita Blake, then surely I can finish this silly book. Hopefully.

But, since it has been so long, I thought I’d do a quick recap post to remind old readers (or introduce new ones ) of the characters and what’s been going on.

Three angels come to the small town of Venus Cove in Ame Austr somewhere, sent to battle the ‘dark forces’ that are apparently massing in the town. In order to do this they assume human forms and human identities and start attending/teaching at the local high school.


Our heroine, a young and very naïve angel. Enjoys angsting about wanting to be a normal teenager (even though that makes no sense for someone who isn’t even human), judging everyone around her, and swooning over Xavier.


Yes, he is supposed to be that Gabriel. However, due to his lack of archangelic behaviour, I’m inclined to think there was a mix-up in Heaven and they sent Heaven’s similarly named janitor down instead. Bethany just can’t tell the difference. Gabriel teaches music at the high school. He enjoys cooking, lecturing Bethany and completely shirking his angelic duties.


A seraphim, Ivy is probably my favourite of the angels on account of her actually trying to help people, if only on a small scale. Sadly she tends to get shunted into a rather small domestic role, despite being a six-winged fiery vengeance creature.

Soon after arriving, Bethany meets Xavier Woods. Who is really, really ridiculously good-looking.

Xavier is a sports captain, a natural leader and an all-round paragon of manliness. (He’s also an overprotective jerk, but we’ll get to that). He has a large family, a cool car, and a Tragically Dead girlfriend, which means that he has remained single since despite being lusted after by all the girls in school.

Speaking of which, Bethany also meets Molly (and friends)

Molly is a teenage girl who is entirely obsessed with boys and clothes and shopping. Her friends are the same, and as a whole seem to exist to show how shallow they are and how different Bethany is. Molly develops a crush on Gabriel.

So Bethany falls for Xavier, and spends a great deal of time angsting over it, because she’s an angel and is supposed to be doing angel things, but he’s just so pretty! Gabriel and Ivy disapprove, she decides not to see Xavier any more and then almost immediately goes back on that decision. She ends up telling him (well, showing him) that she’s an angel. Gabriel and Ivy are even less pleased about that, telling her that she might have to be recalled to Heaven. But no, they check with the super angel council and they’re fine with it. Gabriel and Ivy even change their minds about Xavier after inviting him for dinner, and give their approval to the relationship.

So no more angst? Pff, what book do you think this is? No, it just means that Bethany and Xavier can now worry that Bethany will have to go back to Heaven one day. In the meantime they can develop one of the most uncomfortably codependent relationships ever put to page. Yay!

And then a new kid shows up at school. A boy who dresses in black, has an English accent and has a serpent tattoo. I’m sure he’s a nice kid, and not at all a villain in any way. Nope. No villains here.

I’m sure he’s lovely once you get to know him


3 thoughts on “Halo Recap

  1. Ooooh, I missed these reviews! The book was bad in a more ‘silly teenage idiot’ way than that whole ‘rapey toxic vileness’ Anita Blake has. It was a great palette cleanser.

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