A review of Laurell K. Hamilton’s ‘Blue Moon’ chapter eleven

Richard, Shang-Da, Jamil, and Anita head on down to the Happy Cowboy, because bringing Richard into this situation is a wise idea.

Anita feels sorry for Shang-Da because he is so obviously Chinese and rednecks are sooooo racist.

Maybe he, like Jamil, was tired of trying to pass.

Oh god. You had to bring up ‘passing’ which is a subject I can’t really talk about. ‘Passing’ is something Anita should know about and have an opinion on, as a half-Hispanic woman. I found this on tumblr the other day and thought it appropriate for this discussion, should it occur;

Being Mexican American is tough. Anglos jump all over you if you don’t speak English perfectly, Mexicans jump all over you if you dont speak Spanish perfectly. Why’re you laughing? What’s so funny? I’m serious! …Japanese Americans, Italian Americans, German Americans, their homelands are on the other side of the ocean, ours is right next door, right over there. And we gotta prove to the Mexicans how Mexican we are, and we gotta prove to the Americans how American we are. We gotta be MORE Mexican than the Mexicans, and MORE American than the Americans; both at the same time! It’s exhausting! Man, nobody knows how tough it is to be Mexican American.
Abraham Quintanilla

I bring it up, as it is another way that LKH fails in having her main character be believable. LKH made Anita half-Mexican to make her be ‘cool’ and ‘exotic’. It’s why she fails on any discussion of racism, as she simply doesn’t understand the culture she is trying to work with. I believe that white people can write people of varying cultures and backgrounds but in order to do so, you have to know exactly what you’re talking about. Having your character be something because you think it’s cool is a terrible thing to do. So don’t do it!

Anita and Jason (when did he arrive?) go inside the place and it’s full of people on cowboy boots and country music and cigarette smoke because HICKS and they locate Charlotte, who is wearing a disgusting butter yellow jacket. She’s poking Betty Schaffer, as Charlotte is a very stupid woman. Betty, conveniently, is a whore.

The second woman had a mane of coloured blond [it’s blonde. women are blonde. men are blond.] hair, but I was betting that neither the color nor the curl were real. It had to be Betty Schaffer, and the name didn’t suit her. She looked like someone named Farrah or Tiffany.

She’s such a filthy, filthy whore. How dare she dye her hair.

Anita then gets hit on instantly, as that’s how bars work. The guy then insults the height of Jason.

“I like them small,” I said, my face very serious. “It makes oral sex easier.”

oh how shocking i don’t care

They now get to Charlotte, who is screaming full steam at Betty, and now we know what she’s wearing to prove how much more of a whore she is.

Betty was tall, but the spike-heeled boots put her at six feet. The jeans were painted on, the blouse was midriff, and there was no bra. She had small enough breasts that she could get away without, but it was still noticeable and meant to be. She looked like a cowboy hooker. Richard had dated her. It made me think worse of him.

I think worse of him for putting up with your bullshit, Anita.

Two large guys wearing T-shirts that matched the guy who had carded us at the door were at the edge of the crowd. I think they were sort of puzzled by Charlotte. She was tiny and female and hadn’t hit anyone yet.


Bouncers take anyone out who looks like they might be trouble. I have seen enough fights in pubs to know that it makes no difference whether you’re small, haven’t thrown a punch yet or fucking female – they will take you outside. And the insinuation that ‘oh, women don’t get into fights, and bullshitty chivalry nonsense’? What a load. I’ve seen more women get into fights when they’re drunk then men, and they do not fight nice.

Betty has enough of this and screams back that Richard raped her. Charlotte flips, but Anita suggests they go outside. She knows Richard isn’t a rapist and he’s outside waiting to see her. This means that Charlotte throws a beer at Betty, who slaps her in return. Charlotte then punches Betty to the floor. The bouncers then decide to do their job, as they should have done before this, but Anita intervenes, which would get her in trouble too.

She weighed more than she looked like she did, and she was struggling. Unlike most women, she was good at struggling.

I would have thought Anita couldn’t carry much more than her own tiny weight, and thanks for saying – again – how pathetic women are at everything. Anita drops her to the floor and asks whether she wants to be carried out unconscious or go out walking.

“Richard will come in here in just a few minutes to see what’s wrong. If he gets near her again, the local cops will revoke his bail and lock him up again.” It was only partially true. Legally, he had every right to enter the bar, but I was betting that Charlotte didn’t know that. Most law-abiding citizens wouldn’t have.

I think that Charlotte wouldn’t want Richard to go near Betty anyway, as it would damage his protestations of innocence. They go outside and Charlotte is pissed and they both hate betty and oh god this is boring and frustrating. charlotte is just a different version of anita. she asks richard how he could date such a filthy whore and demands to know whether they had sex.

“No, I never slept with Betty.”

He was saying he’d never had intercourse with her.

No fucking shit. That’s what he just said.

Charlotte would take it mean that no sex at all had happened, just like I had.

Because Charlotte was apparently born under a rock, and only thinks sex is actual penetrative acts. Bullshit. She would see through what Richard said.

Charlotte then cries, as she didn’t bother to go see Richard while he was in jail, what a wonderful mother. Anita talks about how much this unmans her sons, and that no one is assertive around their parents, blah blah blah. A big deal is then made over the fact that – get this – Jason reads. Like, everyone would look down on him for reading!


That is the sound of my soul dying.

anyway the zeemans have to take their mother home before the cops come but there’s some kind of formal ceremony going on to celebrate the meeting of two packs sharing a full moon. Anita has to go home to prepare, but can’t go with Jamil and Jason as ‘Mom will not understand a chaperone that isn’t family’.

I was right. Charlotte Zeeman was born under a rock. A rock from 1910.

Then Richard declares that he loves Anita but doesn’t really like her, and anita tries to force him to tell charlotte what he is. there’s fuss about choosing a bodyguard, but it ends up being jason and jamil anyway and then they talk about richard’s family and i don’t care. I literally could not care less. I don’t think they’re ever going to matter.


10 thoughts on “A review of Laurell K. Hamilton’s ‘Blue Moon’ chapter eleven

  1. If Anita likes you, you cannot be a rapist. A teenager introduced in the next book has sex with his girlfriend, and she claims it was rape. According to Anita, it ‘sounds like buyers remorse’. And it is strongly implied that he only likes rough sex because he was sexually assaulted by a woman. Yeah. The fucked up sexual themes do not stop.

    Besides, how could Betty be anything other than a whore? She dressed up to go out! She’s blonde! She’s tall! She had sex with someone Anita likes! She’s female! Of course she’s a slut. Of all the contrived reasons to have Anita be in this place, why a rape charge? Why couldn’t Anita have gone down to support Richard in his ‘save the trolls’ thing, or had a job there, or even have gone to talk to the MoC as JC’s human servant about vampire business. Why rape? WHY?

  2. …the oral sex comment sounds like she’s talking about the size of his dick, not his height

    LKH is so sexist it hurts

    …I don’t see how Jamil and Shang-Da would even have the option of trying to pass as white to begin with? Unlike Anita, they’re described as looking very unambiguously the races that they are. Passing for white, intentionally or not, is more of an issue for people who are mixed or look very white, like Anita, it’s not something that does or can apply to every POC….like LKH apparently thinks.

  3. “but there’s some kind of formal ceremony going on to celebrate the meeting of two packs sharing a full moon.”

    So lets have everyone wander around the woods at night (because you just know the werewolves will be doing this outside, they couldn’t like meet in a lodge hall or church meeting room or something civilized, no they are werewolves and they have to do it outside) when multiple groups are trying to kill them. In a rural town in Tennessee which, if it is anything like a rural town in Idaho, is filled with hunters. Brilliant plan.

    Wait a second. Richard has been there for months and as pointed out at the very beginning of the book, this is the second full moon of the month. Shouldn’t they have already done this ceremony? This book literally hurts my brain.

  4. I don’t get the chaperone thing. Why does Anita need a chaperone? My grandmother was born in 1918 and she didn’t have any kind of chaperone complex or think unmarried women needed chaperones or couldn’t be alone with men… idgi.

    And a woman crying unmans her sons. Um, yeah, LKH’s gender issues have always been so over the top I keep wondering if she’s always been trolling us.

    LKH’s rape cheerleading is absolutely despicable. Oh, Betty dresses not-modestly and dyes her hair, she can’t POSSIBLY have been raped, because any woman who ever wants sex or just likes looking pretty in her own way must always want sex with every man always! RAGE.

    • My great-grandmother, born in 1926, had an affair with a married man and a child out of wedlock. Chaperones have never been a ‘thing’ in my family.

      Crying is bad, for it is a tool used by dirty wimmens to manipulate the emotions of men. Honestly, Anita Blake should be on the reading list for the MRA movement.


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