Story on Sunday; Part Seven

I am super tired and don’t have the time for a longer entry. Sorry everyone!


Erzsébet sat beneath the boughs of a neatly trimmed poplar tree. She had been guided through the inter-changeable corridors carefully by her female companions. She had to walk with the aid of an elegantly carved walking cane. The handle was the head of a Chinese dragon, its sinuous body curling around the length of the cane. It had two eyes, made of two miniscule emeralds that caught the light with a rather unearthly glow. She had an odd, almost insect-like walk, a kind of skittering pace that made her scuttle across the floor with a startling speed, despite her reliance on the hand of a friend.

“I prefer to spend my days in sunshine. That house is so dreadful and dreary, it sets me into the blackest of moods,” Erzebet closed her eyes happily. A girl stood behind her, holding a shawl over her head to prevent the sunlight falling directly on her mistress’s face. “You shall spend time with me out here, in the sunshine. To learn in the fresh air is best, I think.” She broke off, to giggle hugely. “I don’t know – I have never been given charge of anything before! Apart from a dog Papa got me once, and that was unfortunate. But I should be a good tutor, if I try.” She laid a hand upon Nickolas’s sleeve. “You have to swear that you shall be a good and attentive student to me.”

“I swear.”

Erzsébet smiled. It shone as brightly as the sun above, in Nickolas’s eyes.


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