Dottie Recommends: Anno Dracula

I was planning to recommend this sometime soon, but as it was brought up in the comments recently, the time has come!

One of the many things us anti-fans and former fans of Anita Blake speak loudly about is the lack of sense in the major conceit of the series – that this is a world where vampires and all manner of supernatural creatures live openly with humans. This should be a idea fascinating enough for LKH and her ilk (Charlaine Harris, whose works I have reviewed but have a fondness for, I am looking at you here), but it is brought in as an excuse to have sexy vampires and werewolves run around with the chosen heroine. It is very rarely explored with any depths, aside to randomly throw up a plot point that might impede the main heroine and her chosen love interests. It exists, but the author just doesn’t care.

If this annoys you as much as it makes me want to tear my hair out, then please, please read the Anno Dracula series. If you have never listened to any of my recommendations, stop reading this right now and go and buy the books.

Like, now.

Anno Dracula by Kim Newman is an alternate history romp where vampires have risen to be accepted members of society, living in a universe that is a massive character crossover. Public domain characters such as Sherlock Holmes and Dracula run around with Queen Victoria and the Red Baron. I cannot stress how well written, fascinating, and just fun to read. The vampires are three dimensional characters who are not obsessed with rape and wearing leather.

Do I have to give you any more reasons to read the books?


8 thoughts on “Dottie Recommends: Anno Dracula

  1. Seriously, it’s like reading The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen, without the “whores whores whores!” of Alan Moore. You not only get a thoroughly interesting universe, but you can also have fun finding all of the public domain characters, as well as characters Kim threw in with slightly different names. (And some of them are *hilarious;* I’m looking at you, Dracula Cha Cha Cha.)

    Also, the main heroes overall have been pretty much women. They’re not idiots, they don’t simper in the background (….much), they actually get dirty and get into the thick of it, and they wear glasses and they’re just kick ass.

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