A review of Laurell K. Hamilton’s ‘Burnt Offerings’ chapter fifty three




Right, classic LKH tying up of all the loose threads to be done.

The vampire council give up, go home, and promise to leave JC and Anita alone. They are so evil, they behave reasonably.

Richard and Anita are going to be working on controlling their POWERS. ‘We’re trying to be less nasty to each other’ because we have to be reminded how the break up was TOTALLY Richard’s fault, and was not down to anything else. He’s trying to find a new lupa, which makes Anita feel bad because she feels like she’s losing her family.

Well, family can’t be that important to you, otherwise you would talk to your real family.

Luckily, Anita can compensate by having all the wereleopards totally and completely devoted to her.

Nathaniel wanted to move in with me. I’m paying for his apartment.

….. what. Why. Why are you doing that. How have you got the money to do that.

He seems lost without someone to organise his life. Zane, who recovered from his gunshot wounds, says that Nathaniel needs a master or a mistress, that he’s what the S & M crowd call a pet. The term means someone who is a step below slave, someone who can’t function alone. I’d never heard of such a thing, but it seems to be true, at least for Nathaniel. No, I don’t know what I’m going to do with him.

….. what.

  • Zane is being treated like a decent person. I don’t like this.
  • It’s ‘S&M’, not Sspace&spaceM.
  • I guess this starts the slide into terrible BDSM then.
  • Great.
  • I was researching the term ‘pet’ on wipipedia, the fetish wiki, and what came up was human animal roleplay.
  • Human animal roleplay is sort of linked with slave culture, but I don’t think that pets are less than slaves. And being the animal in a roleplay does not make you automatically submissive.
  • Not being able to organise yourself is not really being a BDSM slave. He isn’t performing a service for his master in any of the four main types, financial, pain, sexual, or service.
  • In fact, he’s manipulating Anita to serve him. She’s paying his rent and bills.
  • If a man is forcing you to pay for his life, Anita, then just stop doing it.
  • Just cut him out your life and stop letting him make you do things.
  • Hah, that goes for a lot of the men in Anita’s life.
  • This calls for some Depeche Mode.


Stephen and Vivian are dating now. Have they ever had an interaction?

Asher is now living in St. Louis. Oh joy.

Anita is sad because she can’t really love JC. Oh no.

What do I think of Burnt Offerings?

This book is abhorrent.
My dislike of this book is divided. One part of me hates the book for the woeful management of the subplots. There are four subplots vying for attention, and the plot which should be the focus of interest – the vampire council – is treated as a random tangent. There is very little logic or sense to the plots, and the book rattles on while the main character has no idea what is going on.

The other part of me hates the fact that this book is full of violent sexual crimes. Really unnecessary sex crimes. They add nothing to the book, and are used to punish characters who are not liked.

Burnt Offerings is an appalling waste of time. It is a waste of paper. There is nothing good about this trash.

Tomorrow, we’ll have Dottie Recommends and Sunday Story before moving onto Blue Moon on Monday.

I am not looking forward to Blue Moon. I’m going to need a lot of pic spams and Depeche Mode to get through it.



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