A review of Laurell K. Hamilton’s ‘Burnt Offerings’ chapter fifty one

Padma and Richard face off to each other, presumably to prove who is the best dancer. They have POWER and it’s crackling at each other. The room fills with the energy of their dancing, and LKH switches to present tense for a while, because she’s a technical genius.

JC is holding Anita and Rafael walks over and says how powerful everything is.

Padma wants Richard to change so he can eat him. Is Padma a vampire? I presumed so, but then he seemed to not be for a while, and now he is again, maybe. I don’t know, they’re fighting and it’s boring. They’re just flailing around the place like bad puppets. Anita says she can fight because Padma can’t call her beast and –

hang on.

‘Call her beast’?

Now, I know what this means, having read RF’s sporks but I didn’t know Anita had a beast to call. Does this mean Raina’s ghost, or when she got (apparently) injured she has some motes of shapeshifter in her? Again, why does LKH never fucking explain anything?

Anita jumps into the puppet dance off, declares Richard hers, and touches him to restore him to full health. Padma talks French and this makes her too full of power to cope, and it’s sexual power because OF COURSE IT IS. Anita falls to the ground, trying to swallow her power back. Padma’s power rolls over her like a tank which is bad.

She decides to leap on Padma for sexy makeout times and this stops him because… the skin of his face rips off. Anita then asks if he’s a good hindu but I don’t even want to get into LKH’s issues with religions that are not Christianity or westernised. This terrifies Padma into stopping the duel, but someone has to die. Luckily, Anita makes them promise to stop perusing them for the death of Mr Oliver and that she gets to kill everyone who gang-raped Sylvie because I have to be reminded of that again. Padma refuses to let Fernando die. Anita straddles him and this makes him relent and give up Fernando.



9 thoughts on “A review of Laurell K. Hamilton’s ‘Burnt Offerings’ chapter fifty one


    Nice of you to just assume he’s Hindu because he’s Indian, Anita. I guess she figures all white vamps are definitely Christians or Jews too?

    Anita straddling a guy can drive him to give up the life of his own son, it’s canon now.

  2. I think they said she “had a beast” because she was tied to the munin because of her being Richard’s girlfriend, as well as being in the trio with him and JC. (I am totally blanking on names right now, do not care.) That was the issue; they could “feel” a power similar to a were, but it didn’t technically exist. Or something.

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