A review of Laurell K. Hamilton’s ‘Burnt Offerings’ chapter fifty

After the highs of Thor: The Dark World, I now have to be thrown back into the pit of Anita Blake. Only three chapters left though. Not long now.

Asher drags Anita into the middle of the room so that she can be adequately raped. Anita surprises him by seducing him into not raping her. I could spork it, but seeing as it makes me feel disgusting I don’t want to. I don’t want to read a woman licking a man’s body and hair to avoid being raped, only to make him have a conversion and stop his vendetta against JC for no reason other than ‘pretty lady kiss me’.

Everyone stood around and watched this happen, because that’s what always happens in the conclusions of these fucking books, before Yvette announces she wants to rape Jason. As she’s a rotter, Jason immediately has a massive PSD breakdown. Remember when he got raped by two rotting vampires in Bloody Bones? Yeah, he goes completely into meltdown.

Richard offers himself up in the place of Jason, which is an actual good thing for him to do. Padma claims him, and Yvette says she must have a shapeshifter, and one that’s scared of her. JC doesn’t offer any help, and Anita huffs and puffs then willingly leads Jason to Yvette. It’s not horrific that she’s leading a man to his rape because she’s going to hold his hand all the way through it and comfort him.


Do I have to spell out why this chapter is so repellent? Anita is meant to be the good guy, but she’s given up her friend to a rapist. And if that wasn’t bad enough – and it was pretty bad – but that this is a massively traumatic event for Jason. This means he’s reliving one of the worst experiences of his life over again, and Anita is responsible for it.

Anita Blake makes me feel sick. She is not a person. She is a blackhole where decency dies.

After Yvette has finished – and it lasts a long, long, long time – Anita, Jason and Nathaniel roll around and make out and make POWER. Anita spits this POWER out, because why the fuck not with your vague bullshit metaphysical crap, and everyone is shocked and hurt who is an supposed bad guy.

JC carries out Anita bridal style, which is SO ROMANTIC.

But when Jason managed to stagger from the floor, the front of his blue leather pants was stained, and that wasn’t romantic at all.

You held him down so he could be raped, Anita.

This book makes me sad.


5 thoughts on “A review of Laurell K. Hamilton’s ‘Burnt Offerings’ chapter fifty

  1. Why is it always about sex? I want to read about a vampire who’s obsessed with rap music instead of sex, and makes people listen to it instead of raping them.

    I thought that the key of story writing is that nothing is irrelevant. What did Anita leading Jason to be raped add? We’ve already established that they’re evil, there isn’t going to be any kind of interaction between Jason and Yvette after this, Jason isn’t going to have a traumatic breakdown or lose faith in JC or Anita. This adds nothing except ‘OMG I’m so gritty gritty grimdark, deal with it jealous whiner babies.’

    • That’s what I’m trying to do with the Sunday story – have vampires who are interested in other things than sex and have active lives. Because I feel sad for AB verse vampires, as they become pod people who can only think about rape/sex.

      Anita forcing Jason into the rape added nothing but a layer of grit and darkness that was not needed. It was abhorrent.

      • It’s how unnecessary all the rape and torture is that bothers me. If you have a serial killer and you want to establish how he rapes and tortures blonde women as surrogates for the girlfriend who cheated on him, then by all means, show me rape and torture. If you want to explore how far you can push a character before they snap then please, torment away. But rape for the sake of rape is disgusting. And often, like the skinning of Rafael, it goes against what the stated purpose of the characters are – that is not what you do to a neutral party when you’re there to talk.

        Torturing Sylvie as a way to control the wolves and remove part of JC’s power base I could understand, if it had been presented that way instead of OMG EEEEVIL. Raping Vivienne cause Ethnic Stereotype is a rapist – adds nothing. Someone needs to go after these people with a flame thrower.

      • Agreed. Sexual violence has to be used – if it is used at all – as a very serious hate crime. The casual use of rape as drama is one of the most sickening things I have found about the AB series.

  2. I admit that I had used a brutal rape in my book. However, it had only been mentioned once and I did not go in to full detail. Thus allowing the reader to fill in the blanks. This allowed the reader to see just how sickening hate crimes could actually be. Not to mention it was also the driving force behind the main charas deep seeded need to avenge her parents.

    The bad guys in the book had a long history of rape but the mechanics of it are never mentioned. Really, the people are raped,what more needs to be said???

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