Dottie Reviews: NBC’s Dracula

You may remember me posting about how dreadful this new Dracula programme was going to be. Now the first episode is out, and I am reviewing it. Spoiler: it’s dreadful.

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4 thoughts on “Dottie Reviews: NBC’s Dracula

  1. I’ve never watched one of your videos because I never watched anything you reviewed…and I actually didn’t watch this either (my mom asked if I was going to when she saw the commercial, and I tried not to be offended because she doesn’t know any better) and it’s so odd to hear your voice since I always *read* your voice in my head as in my own American accent! Also, I love your skull jacket.

    HIS REINCARNATED WIFE. WELL, SOMEONE WATCHED THE COPPOLA FILM! Your face was perfect on this part, by the way. Just perfect.

    So basically…it’s just got the names of the Dracula character but other than that it’s not Dracula at all?

    Dracula wasn’t even that hot in the books, was he? I remember the theme of sex and all but I don’t think *he* was handsome himself?

    Were Lucy and Mina kinda femmeslashy at least? They look like it in the photosets, but that could just be the way the photosets are set up/MY SECRET WISH

    God yes, people always forget the sunlight thing. Carmilla was just fine in the sun too, and I think Varney was as well? I side-eyed everyone who’s criticism of Twilight was “but vampires can’t go out in the sun!” It’s not a rule by a long shot, folks.

    • Dracula was an old, smelly man in the books. He is not attractive in the least.

      Mina and Lucy were a bit femmeslashy, because LESBIANS ARE SEXY.

      They might have just made this an original story. They only used the Dracula name to get people watching their shitfest.

      Guess it must be a bit weird to find out I have a weird English accent ;p?

      • Yes, I thought I remembered him as a bit gross (hair on his hands too, right?) but all the sexy adaptations have actually started to make me wonder if I just misread that or what XD SEE WHAT YOU ARE DOING, SEXY-VERSION ADAPTATIONS?!

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