A review of Laurell K. Hamilton’s ‘Burnt Offerings’ chapter thirty seven

A guy called Kevin (I have no idea who he is) puts a chair under the door handle to prevent the wicked police officers from bursting in. Yeah. A chair is such a secure device.

Nathaniel looks to Anita so trustingly that she is apparently willing to go along with this ‘blood ritual’ bullshit. Everyone in the room – and there are quite a few people who are there but I can’t remember them being mentioned before or I wiped them from my mind – has a talk about whether a blood ritual is magic or just part of psychic abilities.

The group of people who have this as part of their culture have no idea what vital parts of their culture mean, perform, or do.

Anita has to raise energy (the new POWER) and she doesn’t know how to do it, because she never has any idea what to do with her powers. She needs something to take the place of a ritual in the ritual. She was only able to do it before as she wanted Richard sexually.

“Nathaniel is handsome,” Stephen said.

I shook my head. “It’s never been that easy for me. I need more than a pretty face.”

Yeah, says the woman with two ‘model’ handsome boyfriends under her belt.

Stephen is going to ‘help’ her. He grabs her hands and lays them upon Nathaniel, which for a moment sounds like he’s going to guide her into performing a sexual act on Nathaniel, but instead… he puts her hands on Nathaniel’s face. And then she shoves her face into his hair.


The smell of his hair flicks Anita’s switch, so she plants a chaste kiss upon his lips, and POWER SPILLS FORTH. OMGPOWEROMFG. She trails a hand inside his hospital gown to stoke the stitches across the massive wound on his stomach. I guess she ripped off the fucking bandages and gauze, but it doesn’t matter because now Nathaniel is turned off and sporting a massive boner. Anita jumps up on top of him, licks his open wound, and humps him into mutual orgasm. This makes him heal.

I think this is meant to be oh so naughty and thrilling but it just… falls flat.

Oh, and none of this was caused by Anita. You see, Raina’s evil slut spirit is inside her and making her have wicked evil naughty casual sex with Nathaniel. Because only sluts have sex and lick open wounds, I guess. She knows it’s evil Raina’s evil slut spirit because for a second she wanted to kill Nathaniel for no reason. But then she thinks it’s her own mind. But then it’s Raina’s fault.

Well, whatever. Tee hee or something.


6 thoughts on “A review of Laurell K. Hamilton’s ‘Burnt Offerings’ chapter thirty seven

  1. You know, I don’t think Raina has come up in conversation for multiple books now. Once they blamed her sex power on Lesta–I mean, Jean-Claude, and the ardeur, I think LKH forgot about the psycho spirit.

  2. “Yeah, says the woman with two ‘model’ handsome boyfriends under her belt.”

    Not just them either. Every man that Anita is ‘forced’ to have sex with, and sometimes even take as a full-time lover, has been a white cisgender supernatural guy who is physically fit, either delicate thin or big’n’muscular or something in-between, well-endowed, usually with long hair, a sex-related sob story, and physically (if not chronologically) in the same age range, beautiful technicolor eyes, etc.

    And yes supposedly the ardeur cares nothing for Anita’s desires, could make her fuck anyone, etc. Sure. Yeah. And in Kiss the Dead, which I’m reading now, when she’s deciding whether to stop boinking THE TEENAGE MEMBER OF THE HAREM and she wonders if she’d miss him if she sent him away…all the qualities she thinks about missing are his *looks*. She never even mentions a personality trait of his that endears to her except that he tries hard to do as he’s told!

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