A reivew of Laurell K. Hamilton’s ‘Burnt Offerings’ chapter thirty five

An ambulance has arrived to take Zane off. Anita laments that she is not travelling with him, but she had to change into a Polo shirt and think about how Richard is hiding in the bathroom.

She does remake that the corpse of Delivery Man is still there and that she has to wait for a police car to arrive to take the body away.

Um, no. Police officers don’t take bodies away. The ME’s office do that. What, are they going to prop up dead bodies in police cars? That’s not exactly what they’re designed for.

Ronnie is freaking out about killing someone – or possibly killing him, seeing as he’d already been shot before she blew his head off – and must be calmed down by Anita. Even though Ronnie has fired on suspects before. I guess Anita must be the ONLY badass female in this series. Ronnie had to be brought down a peg.

Ronnie points out that the only two times she’s shot someone was when she was with Anita. The Great and Powerful Anita Blake senses weakness, and goes on a paranoid rant about how this must be a sign Ronnie secretly despises her. Ronnie backtracks and swears her undying allegiance, which makes Anita well up and run away before it can be seen that she feels human emotions.

Richard now makes a reappearance, and he’s designed to dress himself in Anita’s clothes. Well, to be more specific, her nightie.

Dude, I was with you until this point. I understood that you were angry and hurt. I didn’t like you, but I understood. Going through your ex’s things and wearing her clothes – her nightie – is just plain creepy. I mean, I know he was in the shower, but since when does that mean you can’t wear your own clothes? It’s not like he was covered in blood either – he just got a little prick on the finger by a thorn!

Richard wants to know what’s happening, so Anita won’t tell him, so he gets pissy and starts barking orders. Anita retorts with ‘why the hell do you WANT TO KNOW’ and it’s like reading about two teenagers who’ve been through their first break up only it involves vampires.

Anita goes to the garage and finds her Jeep there, as if it’s a big surprise that she left her car in the garage, and Richard runs out behind her. After momentarily considering murdering him, she deigns to let him talk. Richard wants to know what’s going on, as he has to look after the wolves, yadda yadda. Anita says Richard won’t even go to the hospital, and he declares he will replace her as lupa.

I thought that seeing as they weren’t together anymore, she would automatically stop being lupa. It is the mate of the packmaster, and seeing as that imploded, you’d think the pack would just move on. But nope, everything must revolve around Anita.

She drives off and is sad because the nightie reminds her of a very good weekend of heavy petting. She does not know if they were in love.

God, this book is boring.


3 thoughts on “A reivew of Laurell K. Hamilton’s ‘Burnt Offerings’ chapter thirty five

  1. The whole lupa thing is hilarious; they’re not together, so technically she shouldn’t be, but he doesn’t (ever?) replace her. Then she’s also made Bolverk (or was, I’m iffy on the timeframe), so she’s not only his wife-mate and basically second in the pack, she’s also their enforcer.

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