A review of Laurell K. Hamilton’s ‘Burnt Offerings’ chapter twenty seven

The whole gang have turned up at the Circus – Richard, Anita, Cherry and Zane. Anita is miserable because Richard has the temerity to ignore her completely and act as if her presence causes him pain. God, Richard, can’t you get over her complete and utter rejection of you like a man?

Cherry appears afraid. Anita has to actually ask around to try and work out what might be wrong with her. Maybe she doesn’t want to face the people who viciously gang-raped a woman and left her for dead. And that she has to deal with Anita all day. And that she had no choice in whether she wanted to be involved, as Richard ordered her here, and apparently the fact that he has a nutsack makes him some sort of ultimate authority.

Ah, I see. Because Anita is Richard’s lupa, everything that belongs to her really belongs to Richard.

This means Richard can be an asshole and gives him permission to beat Cherry in the face. Anita does something good for once, and says that if that’s so, she has control over what Richard owns. Richard refuses and they scream at each other. With the triforce, they all have to find a way to live together. Or something. Anita tries to say that Richard hates himself too much, but I’m fairly sure he just hates Anita. And women. And people in general.

Getting to the Circus, Anita graciously allows Cherry to stay behind in the car. Zane kisses her as they leave. Stop trying to make Zane a nice guy. He is not a nice guy.


3 thoughts on “A review of Laurell K. Hamilton’s ‘Burnt Offerings’ chapter twenty seven

  1. I don’t like that Cherry is portrayed as being weak and untrustworthy because she is upset about being forced to go to the Circus where the people who raped her friends are. And I think it is incredibly brave that she’s willing to do it anyway. I hate this trend is fiction that if a woman is scared to do something, she’s automatically weak and useless. I would like Anita a lot more if she was scared by this. Or if she put rescuing people she has an obligation to above having a shouting match with her ex.

  2. Any female who is not Anita are automatically either weak and to dumb to live. Or they are the next wicked, evil female dictator.

    Anita must scream and rant at Richard as he is her all new fave scapegoat and punching bag.

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