A review of Laurell K. Hamilton’s ‘Burnt Offerings’ chapter twenty five

Anita is very tired and needs to go home, so she drives to the secret shapeshifter hospital instead. I think she’s been up almost twenty four hours by this point, with a lot of running around and activity, yet she suffers no side effects from this.

A taxi draws up and a blonde woman (DEVIL MISTRESS) and Zane get out. Anita can only think how glad she is that he wasn’t involved in Sylvie’s attack otherwise she might have to kill him. Like she wanted to do earlier. Because he likes forcing people into sex for money. And got presumably got Padma involved as that hasn’t been retracted.

The woman is Cherry and she does not like Anita instantly. Oh, I am surprised.

Zane proclaims Anita as their leoparde lionne (gag me) and drops to his knees before her. He rubs his face on her hand and licks it. Cherry refuses to acknowledge Anita as alpha, as not everyone escaped from Padma. He broke their legs to make sure that the wereleopards couldn’t escape.

It’s almost like making a verbal deal with a villain and walking away is an inefficient means to save people.

Anita phones JC to see why he didn’t do anything to save the wereleopards, but he basically says ‘Padma used a loophole – my hands were tied. Because I don’t care’. So Anita has to go running right back into the Circus, with no sleep, no food, and no change of clothes.

Cherry is sceptical that Anita really gives a shit about some people she doesn’t know (I like this Cherry already) but Anita says that she honestly cares about people in pain that she was talking trash about.

I’m seeing another series of rather dull chapters where Anita runs around the Circus, doing nothing, and accomplishing nothing.

I thought this book was about arson attacks.


6 thoughts on “A review of Laurell K. Hamilton’s ‘Burnt Offerings’ chapter twenty five

  1. Oh my gosh. It’s almost as thought the rapists who skin people for fun and have done nothing but twirl their mustaches since you met them might not be nice honourable people. I am shocked. Shocked I tell you.

    As Anita has a vampire boyfriend, she may have slightly different hours than normal people. I will assume, however, for the purposes of this, that she wakes up at 7 in the morning and is the office at 9 for a standard 9-5 timetable, when she consults with clients. Even if those aren’t her hours, it’s reasonable to assume she gets up that early to exercise, as we have been told that she does that every day. So she has been awake since 7 in the morning. She is going back to the Circus. It would be logical to assume that she would wait until dawn, when the vampires are asleep/dead. Sunrise in June 1998, which is as close as I can figure to when this is set, was about 5.35 in St Louis. So, yes, Anita has been up almost 24 hours.

    • I think Admiral Ackbar accurately summarised the situation regarding moustache twirling villains.

      I once stayed up for twenty four hours. I think by the end of it I was simultaneously really, really hyper and so tired I couldn’t do anything. I have no idea how Anita is thinking in sentences at this point.

      • Actually, in my first English class since starting college, we had to read an article about a teenager who stayed awake for…hell, I can’t even remember anymore, but it was well over 24 hours, and suffered no ill effects. He had a doctor monitor him and everything. However, what they supposed kept him going was that he was fairly active; exercising and the like.

        Anita, being Anita, is probably not doing this. So yeah; how the hell she’s still conscious is very questionable.

  2. And LKH’s plot ADD strikes again. It’s like she comes up with a plot hook, writes the first chapter, then sets that aside and writes the same crap she always does. How has this series lasted this long?

  3. I once stayed awake for two weeks due to insomnia. I ended up very cranky and seriously disliked everyone else due to the fact that they could sleep. Purposely forcing myself to awake tends to make me rather slap happy and reckless. Not so reckless as to run into a vampire den filled with wide awake vampires.

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