A review of Laurell K. Hamilton’s ‘Burnt Offerings’ chapter twenty three

I’m going to try and make today’s update as short as possible as I’m not feeling great. A mixture of my IBS and fresher’s flu I think. Bleurgh.

Burnt Offerings is a family friendly horror theme restaurant that has an absolutely awful name. ‘Burnt Offerings’? What kinda name is that? That doesn’t make me think ‘warm cafe food for children’. It makes me think ‘let us burn this man to please our gods!’,

This family restaurant has a public bar, because FOR KIDS, and a woman was being hit on by a vampire. He decided to bite her, so she threw his drink in his face and set him on fire.

Yes. Yes. I approve of this.

The vampire isn’t dead, because the bartender whizzed out the fire extinguisher and saved him. Also cool. These are cool people.

Anita immediately blames the victim in all this.

“If she had that much problem with a vampire sinking fang in her, she wouldn’t have been cuddling with him in a bar.”


‘If she had that much problem with men assaulting her, she shouldn’t have worn such revealing clothes.’

Anita demands to go see the ‘supposed victim’ (FOR FUCK’S SAKE) and comforts the vampire who publicly assaulted a woman in a family restaurant.

I did not like this chapter. It was short and unpleasant. Like Anita herself.




5 thoughts on “A review of Laurell K. Hamilton’s ‘Burnt Offerings’ chapter twenty three

  1. ‘Burned offerings’ sounds like the main selling point is that they can’t cook. And it makes it sound like the drink thing was a publicity stunt, rather than an assault – whoever was doing the assaulting.

      • Of course. The universe bends to suit Anita’s version of reality. And no vampire can ever be guilty of anything unless they dislike Anita. Silly me, assuming a woman who isn’t Anita would be presented as right for defending herself.

  2. This is especially ironic coming from a woman who wants to date a vampire but likewise refuses to be fed on, if I remember right. Doing one thing doesn’t mean automatic consent to another, yo.

  3. You know, with this and the earlier chapter at the restaurant, I’m wondering if LKH has some issues with food service. Like, her waiter once told her that they didn’t serve what she wanted, and she took it as a personal insult, so now she’s taking out her anger on fictional characters. Or something.

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