A review of Laurell K. Hamilton’s ‘Burnt Offerings’ chapter twenty two

Jean-Claude’s voice floated over the phone, my phone, my house. He’d never been there before.

JC has been to your apartment all the time. Unless she’s suddenly moved to a new home and LKH didn’t bother to tell the reader. And why are you amazed that – ohmygod – he can use that mystical device of the telephone?

“Are you actually thinking of endangering us all for the sake of two people, one of whom you have never met before, and the other who you once described as a waste of skin?”

Keep piling Sylvie with all the indignities you can throw on her, author. And yeah, JC, Anita kind of has a social obligation to look after the wereleopards when she claimed charge of them. Stop being a chicken-shit coward JC. I know the council are after your blood because oops they think you brutally murdered one of their own, but Anita has to help the wereleopards now.

The council has seven members to prevent a deadlock vote (sensible) and they are going to be voting against JC. Yvette is going to be voting in the place of her master, Morte d’Amour, and Asher is going to be voting for Belle Morte. Because FRENCH. They want JC to take a council place, and if he does, he’ll have to go to France. BECAUSE FRANCE. Because the grand high vampire council are going to have their headquarters in a country that has limited native vampiric myths and does not treat them as equal citizens.

Anyway, JC won’t be a good council guy unless the triforce have the fourth mark and they can’t because Richard is sooooo hateful. They talk about how pathetic his jealousy of them is, even though he has every right to be pissed and JC and Anita should not get off on being so patronising to him. He’s rejecting his beast, which is natural seeing as Anita’s excuse for running to JC was supposedly his beast. To make him better, she has to ‘accept the beast’.

I think Richard should just go away and heal. I don’t think Anita’s presence will help his emotional well-being.

Anita then has a massive emotional relapse. She blames Richard, but I think it might be an unrecognised trauma from, y’know, being assaulted by her vampire boyfriend. She says that she feels responsible for him, but JC says she shouldn’t bother. He then asks how much she wants to help the wereleopards. Those wereleopards she’s in charge of. And will be vulnerable without her. And need her to stop them getting forced into prostitution.

JC suggests that they give Anita and Jason to Padma in exchange for the safety of the wereleopards and the werewolves.

you utter coward.

You’re willing to pimp your girlfriend and friend out to a horrible guy who enjoys torturing people, but you’re not offering yourself up, are you?

Anita says she won’t be forced into sex, so JC sighs, and says he’ll try to make arrangement with that limit. Wow. You are a true hero.

Anita gets beeped by the police and has to go. JC gives her a breathy ‘I love you’ and hangs up.

Are there any awards out there for ‘Worst Boyfriend of 1998’? Because offering your girlfriend as a sex slave then getting huffy when she refuses would definitely get him nominated.


8 thoughts on “A review of Laurell K. Hamilton’s ‘Burnt Offerings’ chapter twenty two

  1. I could get behind JC as the vampire master Anita has to work around to do her job. He could be an interesting secondary character if the series were actually about Anita being a vampire executioner. If she had to deal with him to do her job, and he tries to push her into situations like this that would benefit him, that could be an interesting subplot. But as a romantic lead he absolutely fails. LKH has done nothing to show me that he is someone I should like, respect or lust after.

  2. I know Anita did actually move out of her apartment building (spending much time wangsting over it, since she is such an apartment girl, but, um, her neighbors were constantly in DANGER because of her), and into a house. But I don’t remember when; I do believe it was around this book, though. That’s possibly why she’s all Anita Exposition about JC not seeing her place; he literally hasn’t seen her new space yet.

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