A review of Laurell K. Hamilton’s ‘Burnt Offerings’ chapter seventeen

Willie and Hannah slobber with gratitude all over JC for saving them – although he didn’t do anything to help them. Even Anita did more, for once. But JC must have his ego satisfied and it must be confirmed that he is the next incarnation of Jesus. Fresus, if you will.

“Come, we must attend Damian.” He offered me his wrist, and when I didn’t know quite what he wanted, he laid my fingertips over the pulse. “You touch me as if you were taking my pulse.”

… because you put her hand there. Why are you surprised that she is doing what you made her do?

This means that JC considers Anita his equal. This will somehow make the council negotiate with Anita because… they will have a a sudden and deep interest in human life simply due to her presence.

“Confusion to our enemies, eh?”

If I am your enemy, then yes, I am confused.

JC and Anita skip off and find Damian immediately in the next corridor. He’s been spitted on a sword… well, apart from the fact he has a sword through his chest.

This is a spit. You can see why it makes no sense to describe someone as being ‘spitted’ when they’ve been stabbed through the heart.

There’s a vampire named Warrick stood over Damien, wielding a two-handed sword. He’s sorry that he stabbed Damien through the HEART but he just got carried away. JC says he will raise Damian, as he’s not dead yet.

Anita then talks about religion.

Vampires, for obvious reasons, didn’t pray a lot. I mean, who was going to answer?

… a god? I mean, when anyone prays, how much do they expect a reply? Why does this mean a vampire can’t be religious? They might be very religious, depending on who they are. But I’m expecting interesting and dynamic characters again. Whoops!

JC then monologues about how they only have one shot and they can’t miss their chance to blow, as opportunity comes once in a lifetime. If he pulls the sword out and Damian dies, Damian dies. They could bury him in a hole and he might be alive. If they pull the sword out now, he might die. JC just needs to invoke a blood oath and Damian will jump up.

I looked down at the vampire, spitted on the sword, lying in a pool of his own dark blood. He was wearing a pair of dress pants that matched the vest. Without a conservative shirt under the vest it looked strangely erotic.

Yeah, when I look down at murdered people, I always get instantly turned on.

I had a horrible compulsion to touch Damian. To run my hands over his bare arms. I wasn’t into necrophilia, no matter how close I walked the edge. What was going on?

Anita, you have sex regularly with a dead guy. You have left the edge so far behind, you have circled back around to walk over it again.

Anita can feel Damian’s ENERGY in her head and decides that he is still intact. I guess it must be those necromancer powers she never uses kicking in. It’s almost like you have the ability to revive, raise, and heal the dead.

My hands ached to touch him, not sexual exactly but like seeing a really fine sculpture.

When I see fine sculpture, I don’t instantly think ‘I’m going to rub my hands all over this!’. It’s not generally allowed, you know. And seeing as you talked about necrophilia, uh, yeah, it is sexual.

Anyway, Anita remembers she can raise and heal vampires, and crawls through his blood and around his body. JC says that Padma wants to kill them both for the power of the triforce, something that would have been nice to know when Padma was TRYING TO KILL THEM. Willie then jumps up with the Traveler still inside him. He’s upset about withheld information, which I think is a reference to the triforce.

JC and Anita ignore this to raise Damian. JC yanks the sword out and Anita smashes Damian’s heart with her first to make it beat. That’s interesting CPR. Damian is alive, and Anita notices her hand is slit open. Well, you might have been more careful with pummelling Damian’s heart then. The spreading of blood borne diseases and that.

She rubs her bleeding hand over Damian’s head and is surprised that he appears to be afraid of her.

When does the arson start?



4 thoughts on “A review of Laurell K. Hamilton’s ‘Burnt Offerings’ chapter seventeen

  1. Apparently, if a vampire believes in God and prays, the cross lights up and burns them. So what about if a vampire has a really strong belief in the power of money? Do their credit cards burn them? Can they not go shopping? Now I want to read about a vampire trying to reconcile his religion with the fact that the symbols of his religion cause him harm. But that would require character depth, so I’m glad LKH hasn’t really attempted it.

    Maybe Warrick can see the future. He knows what Damian’s fate will be and is trying to spare him. Or maybe they made a pact to try and escape the book.

  2. I never understood the symbolism thing. I mean, I do, I get that the whole “The Church can hurt vampires” bit comes from folk stories and the like. But I have to admit, the logic annoys me; why is belief in *anything* strongly enough in her universe painful? Like Harley said, what about credit cards?

    Granted, at least LKH expanded the idea, instead of just Christian symbolism. Which is amazingly narrow. I like the Christopher Golden idea: sunlight, crosses, and the like only hurt vampires because they were brainwashed. Once they got over that, they were no longer a problem.

    • Do symbols hurt vampires because people believe in what the symbol represents or because people believe that the symbol will hurt the vampire? Does it mean that if a person has faith in the power of amazing footwear their shoes will glow when a vampire walks past? Could the person injured by their shoes glowing sue the vampire?

      • I’m sure it will come up eventually. Anita will probably spend five pages talking about how great the shoes are, then mock the injured person.

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